Earlier this year, Apple announced Apple Arcade, a monthly subscription service that allows you to access a library of mobile games (including some exclusive titles) on iOS devices. Apple Arcade is not online yet, but Google is already testing its own rival service called Play Pass.

XDA developers found evidence over the past year that Google has been working on the Play Pass service, but now the company is starting to test it. We received the following screenshots from Reader Dustin showing the Play Pass sign-up page and the $ 4.99 monthly fee. Of course, the price could change before the final rollout.

An info page states, "Discover a curated catalog of jigsaw puzzles, premium music apps, and everything in between." With the Google Play Pass, you can unlock access to hundreds of premium and non-promotional games , Download fees, or in-app purchases. "Another screen shows Stardew Valley and Marvel Pinball as some of the included games.

After we got the screenshots, we turned to Google, and a company spokesman confirmed that Play Pass is being tested. It remains to be seen if an app / game subscription service for Android could be profitable, especially since iPhone owners spend far more on apps than Android users, but Google is seriously wrong.