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Google is shutting down paid Chrome extensions

Google is discontinuing paid Chrome extensions in the Chrome Web Store, the company announced today. That means developers trying to monetize their extensions will have to do so using other payment processing systems.

According to Google, developers will no longer be able to make new paid extensions from Monday. However, this cements a directive that has been in place since March. And The The policy follows a temporary suspension of the publication of paid renewals in January after Google discovered an increase in fraudulent transactions “aimed at[ed] Exploiting users. “

Google will be phasing out other features over the coming months. According to Google, existing extensions will no longer be able to charge customers via the Chrome Web Store̵

7;s payment system on February 1st. Here is the full timeline:

Image: Google

These aren’t the only notable changes to extensions that Google has made this year. The company rolled out a number of policy updates in April to reduce spam extensions, including banning multiple extensions that do the same thing, not allowing developers to manipulate reviews to get better rankings for their extension, and Prohibit extensions that abuse notifications.

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