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Google is testing the new Pixel Launcher search bar for future 2018 devices

The Android P Developer Preview has introduced a number of changes to the Pixel Launcher, such as a well-defined shelf and a link to launch Assistant. Google may be testing another optimization that adds an interesting and new Bubble theme for the search bar.

Nintendo Switch

Developer Preview 1 unveiled a new Pixel Launcher, Google Assistant better integrates the lower search bar thanks to a microphone icon One problematic aspect of the current design, however, is that the white icon is not too visible and there is something in it insert the already light gray search bar.

For this, DP1's Pixel Launcher (as enabled by XDA ) has a design that separates the wizard's link in its own oval bubble from the rest of the search bar. The APK contains strings that note that the design is "two_bubbles" for "pixel_2018".

This change is now also being applied to the search bar at the top of the app drawer.



9to5Google's Take

We're still early enough in the Android P Developer Preview that it's unclear where Google's design goes. An exact Bubble motive does not have to manifest itself otherwise in the new operating system yet. However, Android P uses a lot of maps / sheets – which can more or less be used to describe the new stand-alone microphone icon.

Alternatively, this could just be one of the designs Google tests for A / B Pixel Launcher and Search

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