Google Maps has recently undergone a number of UI changes that some of us think are unnecessary, or at least not high-priority. In the last few days, two really important features have appeared in the app – speed cameras and speed limits while driving – and now comes a third. If you use car navigation, you can now set your departure or arrival time and get an estimate of the duration of your route.

Setting departure and arrival times has long been available in Maps on the desktop All navigation modes, but on the phone, the use is limited to public transport. Finally, Maps version 1

0.8.0 adds the option. You will find it under the overflow menu in the top right corner when checking step-by-step instructions.

Left: Maps 10.7.1. Right: Maps 10.8.0 adds a new "Departure and Arrival Time".

You can choose any date and time and get an estimate of how long your journey takes and when you arrive (when you set the departure) or when you leave (when you decide to arrive).

At this point, it does not seem like you could add a reminder or notification so you do not get bothered if you should. It is also impossible to constantly monitor the traffic situation if an unexpected traffic jam drastically changes your departure time.

If these options are added, this feature would be a great complement – and even a better substitute – to the Google App reminders. Leave this (sometimes) pop-up window if you have a calendar event with a set location and still are far away.

You can try out the new feature in Google Maps Version 10.8.0, which is available in the beta version, the Play Store and the APK Mirror.

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