For months, Google Maps has asked users to upload photos of food and drinks to restaurants to tag their images with the name of the dish. This crowdsourcing information should eventually be used well, and according to some Tippers, there is a new Popular Harness that is used in the menu tabs of restaurants and uses these images and tags to show you the best Courts.

Opens a restaurant and checks if there is a menu tab (some not), and the first screen should be for popular dishes. Large thumbnails are used for images, with the number of images and ratings given for each dish below. When you select a dish, you will receive a carousel of pictures submitted by the user, a list of all reviews that mention it by name, as well as an edit button to fix bugs or report a false court.

Links : Popular Dishes Tab. Middle: Dish Page. Right : Editing options.

In restaurants where a detailed menu has already been uploaded to Maps, the menu tab will display these popular dishes first, then the text menu in the sub-tabs below. Other things to highlight are a hovering + button to upload images of dishes directly from here, and a carousel at the bottom of the dish sides to quickly jump to other dishes served at the same location without going to the main tab to return.

Links & Middle : Popular dishes for places with existing menus. Correct : Other dishes served there.

The popular dish feature has already been shown to some users, but we've just discovered it and found that it's not yet known to everyone. Although I reviewed the same restaurants as the ones mentioned above, the latest version of Maps (v10.15.1 on APK Mirror) and a local Level 7 guide, I do not see those dishes. Several other users have confirmed that it is not live for them yet. As with all other Google services, your mileage can vary widely.

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