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Google Maps is almost perfect, so of course Google had to find a way to ruin it – BGR

I've said it a few times before, but it's worth repeating it over and over again: Google Maps is currently one of the must-have apps, even on the iPhone, which comes pre-installed with an Apple alternative. Google is still miles ahead when it comes to maps and navigation, although the latter has quietly recreated Apple Maps for several years.

Google also adds a lot of nice, even unnecessary features to its App Maps, turning your entire experience into an even more enjoyable experience. And while Google Maps is almost perfect, there are many ways to ruin Google, including a whole new tick that you will not like.

To get the most out of Google Maps, you need to agree that Google keeps track of you at all times, and we already have a pretty good idea of ​​what Google can gain from users. It's scary, yes, but it's also a necessary evil if you want to continue enjoying the Google Maps app as it is. You have to pay for the app with your data, and that's a good deal for many people ̵

1; and Google Maps alone has over a billion users on Android. Google is ruining Google Maps, and your only option is to choose a different navigation app.

But there is an even more disturbing Google Maps feature that could upset users, and these are the built-in ads that appear in search results. Here is an example, recently published on Reddit:

Source: Reddit

Here is the explanation that goes along with it:

This ad in "Emergency Room Near Me" is much further than the second option. If you panic you may be heading towards Option A and spending an extra 15 minutes on the road

As you can see in the picture, Option A is clearly labeled as advertising, but you may not notice all of this time, especially in emergency situations, such as Reddit user pudge_og says.

The top placement of the ad virtually makes people click on whether they realize it's an ad or not a faster route. It turns out that in this case it is not the fastest option.

Other Reddit users seem to agree with the original poster:

These new ads on maps are annoying – they can not be turned off and I enjoy looking for what I really want. Some of the ads also make no sense and are important to what I'm looking for.

Other commentators are also annoyed by Google for inserting business names in navigation directions:

The other day I literally had "turn left after Whataburger in 500 feet."

"Turn left behind Whataburger."

mentioned twice by name. But it was really nice to have a landmark for the round, I think.

As another user pointed out, Google's way of delivering results can be dangerous:

The only thing about Maps that literally drags my gears is that they do not automatically load the directions to the next ____ for certain situations that are obvious and with which they easily have the means to facilitate. Key Example: If I just move around in a car, they can tell with the accelerometer and GPS. When I use a voice-to-text feature during these conditions, I obviously drive. So why, when I say something like "gas station", I (the person driving a 2 ton death machine) has a list that I can scroll through rather than automatically referring to the next instance of what I asked. That's damn dangerous.

The full Reddit thread is available at this link. If you see ads mess with your Google Maps experience, you can simply report them to Google and hope that things get fixed later.

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