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Google Maps Motorcycle Mode Now in Kenya, first for Africa

Google said Monday it would offer motorcycle mode on Google Maps in Kenya and offer the voice navigation service to cyclists in Africa for the first time.

Kenyan roads are full of motorcycles taxis, known as Boda Bodas, which are much cheaper trips to car taxis.

Google, part of the US company Alphabet, already provides the service in Asian nations, such as India.

"For more than a million Kenyans, Boda Bodas are convenient and affordable This allows goods to move and transport from one place to another," Google said in a statement.

"With Google Maps' new Motorbike mode, Kenya users can now get directions and get detailed driving directions, suggesting ways that are more efficient," it said.

Roads in Kenyan towns and cities are often poorly signposted and often clogged, making it difficult for boda-boda drivers to pick up customers when they call them by phone.

What prevents us from selecting some customers is the lack of navigation. If the street has no clear name and you're new to the area, you're lost, "said Ben Chelule, a 24-year-old Boda Boda driver in Nairobi.

Google also said it would launch its Street View Service in Kenya for the first time, allowing users to virtually explore 9,500 km of roads in cities like Nairobi and Malindi on the coast.

The company has also shelved KES 1

00 According to Charles Murito, Google's manager in Kenya, the company had targeted targeted farmers because it employed 40 percent of the population and made up a third of gross domestic product (GDP) (1965,0002))

"We want to see that the power of technology increases smallholder agriculture. We hope that this initiative will see a positive impact on food security, job creation and GDP growth in Kenya, "he said.

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