If you are traveling to a new country, a new region, or an unknown part of your own city and promoting a ride, you can be suspicious of the driver exploiting your ignorance to incriminate you more or shamefully. That's why I often look at the drive while driving a taxicab in Google Maps, but I have to keep looking at my phone to notice an awkward route. Maps recognizes this use case and now offers to do the work in the background and notify you when your driver leaves the logical path.

To get maps to track your journey, find navigation directions to your destination and tap Click the button at the bottom of the menu to stay more secure. There you will find the off-route warnings. Activate it and start the navigation.

Your current trip is recorded with one important change: A banner above indicates that you will be notified if your driver deviates by 500 meters. This should leave enough room for small adjustments, personal driving preferences and traffic avoidance, but you should also know if the car is off course so you can check the current ride. Maybe the redirection makes sense, and Maps did not consider it a valid alternative, or maybe something really is not true – which we all hope will never happen. But at least you will be notified and do not have to stare at the entire drive to hear this.

The notification feature is displayed for users in India. We can not replicate it, but it is possible that it is available in other countries as well. In any case, I want it to become a staple food around the world because it can be practical regardless of country or region.
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