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Google Messages gets an open beta program on how to sign up

It's not unusual for Google to open public beta programs for its various applications. Today, this will be extended to Google Messages. As of today, an open beta version of Google Messages is available. Here's how to join.

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Like other apps, Google Messages runs its beta program through the Google Play Store. That means there are two ways to access it. First, there is a direct link that you can access here. Alternatively, in the Google Playages Play Store listing on your Android device, you should see the option to opt for the beta at the end of the listing.

Once you have signed up for the beta program, any future updates for messages will appear to be part of the beta track. This could mean a few extra bugs or issues, but since it's a public beta, things are likely to stay fairly stable.

At the time of writing, several members of the 9to5Google team have signed up for the beta. However, there are no updates available yet. Future updates on this track are expected to help with some of Google's RCS plans, or introduce new features into the app a little earlier than we would normally get them. Of course, you should keep yourself informed about this.

On July 8, 2019, Messages, Google's news app for Android phones, launches an open beta program! The Open Beta offers users the ability to test and evaluate experimental features that have not yet been released to the general public.

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