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Google outs 'Nest Hub Max' on Store w / 10-inch display

For quite some time we have seen that, and today we have further evidence that it is indeed in the works. Spotted today reveals a product called the Nest Hub Max as a 10-inch smart display.

Spotted by the folks at Android Police The Google Store Connected Home page today mentions a product called the "Nest Hub Max."

The page describes it as a device with a 10-inch HD display, stereo speakers, and a built-in camera for Duo calls. Home stroke which has a 7-inch display

More interestingly, so Google says it has a built-in Nest Cam for motion and sound alerts. So of note, every mention of the Nest Hub is on a Google Home Hub listing. The kitchen location would probably go back to where it would go.

Presumably, this is the device we spotted which is "Sherlock" which runs on a Google home hub. Further, the display description lines up with the 10-inch 1280 × 800 display on that device. So we previously discovered this product would include a 12MP Sony IMX277 camera on board, which is actually a higher resolution than any current Nest camera.

Still, there's plenty of skepticism to have with this product. The name "Nest Hub Max" could be confusing along Google's current 'Home Max' and 'Home Hub' branding, and so forth.

Further, it's that's just a mistake or joke from a web dev. The screen size, however, does not support this reflecting a real product lineup matches that screen size.

Nest Hub Max.

Everything looks and sounds great on Nest Hub's 10-inch HD screen and stereo speakers.

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