The Pixel 3 XL leaked left and right, and to put it mildly, people were not happy with its huge notch. Finally, for the first time, we see the smaller pixel 3, and it looks like it's the pixel that could get for many of you this year.

Historically, the smaller pixels had huge apertures, but that's changing with this third generation. The symmetrical, unobtrusive upper and lower bezels with their two front-facing speakers make a non-XL pixel, which – I dare say – looks pretty good from the front. The back has the same design as the Pixel 3 XL, of which people have mixed opinions. Like his big brother, he will probably be charged wirelessly.

The LECKTER has taken the liberty to insert several photos with the specifications here. Unlike its predecessor, the Pixel 3 has a screen with rounded corners and an aspect ratio of 18: 9. It is said to come in at 5.5 ", but as we know, 18: 9 screen sizes can not go straight to 16 : 9 numbers are compared.The battery comes in at 2,915mAh, which is a slight improvement over the 2,700mAh Pixel 2.

What interests me personally most is the camera's front-facing arrangement.We know that the Pixel 3s two Cameras on the front will have, probably for biometric reasons, but this is the first time we do it Both cameras are 8MP sensors, but while one has an f / 1.8 aperture, the other is listed as both f / 1.8 and f / 2.2 Apertures.Variable Aperture Tech just made recently It's very strange to see it on the front of Pixel 3. We'll leave it to those of you in the comments to err That's why Google decided to do it.

One last treat: The Lakester says in the comments that it is a test device for a wearer that is not Verizon, which means that the exclusivity of Big Red is likely to end this year. We will find it out either on the 4th or 9th of October, but we are still over a month from the revelation. Hopefully we get more of the smaller pixel that leaked at this time because it looks really appealing this year.