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Google Pixel 3 Night Shot vs. iPhone XS: It's not really close

  Google Pixel 3 Night Vision vs. iPhone XS

  • Google has released a comparison between the iPhone XS and Pixel 3 compared to low light conditions.
  • The Pixel 3 used Night Sight for a brighter result than the iPhone. 19659003] The iPhone XS lacks, as with other Android phones, a real night mode.

Night modes are omnipresent in the smartphone industry. Huawei, Google, OnePlus and Xiaomi offer the option on their devices. Now Google has compared the night vision mode of Pixel 3 in a low light situation (see above) with the iPhone XS, and there is a clear difference between the two.

Marvin Chow, Google's marketing manager, the comparison on Twitter shows "Phone X" on the left and Google Pixel 3 on the right with Night Sight. The tiny text on the left tells us that "Phone X" is actually the iPhone XS.

The scene showing a model standing in front of a neon light scene at night seems to be ideal for night vision mode. The Pixel 3 could deliver a brighter overall scene and clearly showed the woman's face, clothes and other elements. But even the buildings in the background were brighter and more detailed on Google's photo, except for lighthearted lighting. Heck, you can even see a lighter (but not too loud) sky in the Pixel 3 snap.

How has the iPhone proven itself?

Meanwhile, Apple's phone overall was much darker, as the model stands out against the neon environment. The woman's face is almost completely dark, and her clothes are not as strong as the effort of Google. However, with the iPhone XS photo, it was possible to tame the lighting in the background while Google prioritized the model instead. But due to the fact that we have an obvious motive in the viewfinder, I would say that Google's phone has certainly made the right decision.

But I wonder if the iPhone XS is really and that is bad, as if the photographer were adjusting the background lighting instead (or just not tapping on the subject's face). If there is not a bad game here, then this is clearly a big win for Google.

Night mode is now one of the most important weapons in the smartphone camera arsenal and combines multiple exposures with intelligent algorithms. Apple's iPhones do not currently have this feature, but I would not be surprised if a future version of iOS offers this feature. This could also be a blessing for older iPhones, giving Apple's legacy devices a welcome boost in low-light situations. But until then, Pixel 3 seems to rule when the sun goes down.

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