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Google Pixel 3 vs iPhone XS in the new night vision camera display

Night Sight was launched in November for all Pixel phones and the results have met the hype. It was compared with the iPhone XS during the launch event of Pixel 3 and Google is now continuing the photoconductor with a new advertising campaign.

This evening shared a product marketing vice president at Google using a side-by-side comparison of the same scene. On the right is the pixel 3 and on the left is a shy name called "Phone X".

The lower corner indicates that the image was captured with an iPhone XS, just like the previous comparison that was highlighted on the 1

0/9 event. The Google image clearly shows the neon green pattern, while his face is not recognizable on the iPhone. As is typical for night vision, the dark sky is lightened and gray with white vapor.

As far as lighting is concerned, Google's technology washes the lighting in the background slightly, but when it comes to capturing the main motive, many will apologize for this decision.

 Pixel 3 vs iPhone XS Night Sight

Since the feature was not started with Pixel 3, Night Sight was excluded from the original ad. A new ad in late November highlighted the disadvantages of using Flash and the benefits of machine learning to balance colors. Night Sight also combines a variety of shots to prevent motion blur and to brighten an image that ultimately stays sharp.

In today's simple ad, Google's multicolored "G" logo can be seen in the bottom right-hand corner, otherwise it's quite simple and crass. It's ideal for billboards and other large print media, but it could be part of a longer video. With the big advertising event, the Super Bowl LIII next Sunday, Google could make a splash during the big game.

  Pixel 3 vs iPhone XS Night Sight

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