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Google ‘Pixel 5a’ first appears in AOSP

Just yesterday Google started teasing the mid-range pixel 4a along with a date from August 3rd. Today, however, we have our first glimpse of the mid-range pixel phone for 2021 – the “Pixel 5a” in the Android Open Source project.

Since the beginning of this month, we have been pretty confident that we know the three Google Pixel phones for 2020 – namely the Pixel 4a in the middle area, the Pixel 4a in the upper middle area (5G) and the Premium Pixel 5. Our Stephen Hall has already explained in detail what can be expected from these three cell phones.

After these puzzles are more or less solved, we have already turned our attention to the 2021 made by Google phones. Given the success of the Pixel 3a and the excitement surrounding the much-delayed Pixel 4a, it wouldn̵

7;t be a surprise if Google continues to offer mid-range phones for the foreseeable future.

However, today we have concrete evidence that Google will actually be working on a medium range phone called the “Pixel 5a” in 2021. This is due to a code change in the Android Open Source project, in which a developer mentions essentially the entire Google Pixel phone series and the version of Android with which he started or will start.

As discovered by our Dylan Roussel, we see in the list of devices the three upcoming Pixel phones that we already knew – the Pixel 4a, 4a (5G) and Pixel 5 – as well as a direct mention of a pixel “5a. ”

So what do we learn from this first mention? First, we now know that the Google Pixel 5a is under development. Second, we can expect Pixel 5a to be released mid-year just like Pixel 3a and 4a, as it will be available on Android 11 (R) instead of Android 12 next fall.

What we don’t know is what kind of hardware this Pixel 5a would run on. This type of information is usually only shown after a device is released in the Android Open Source project. In any case, it’s exciting to confirm that Google will continue to release high quality mid-range phones for the foreseeable future.

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