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Google Pixel Stand: Everything you need to know

Google may be releasing an accessory product called Pixel Stand when it announces the Pixel 3 smartphone line later this year. This is clear from the code found in a beta version of the Google app. The booth can allow a docked pixel smartphone to work in much the same way as Google Assistant smart screens, such as Lenovo's recently released Smart Display.

However, the product is far from official and we have not seen any leaked images showing the device or details of its features. The existence of Pixel Stand is based on references to it, which are hidden in a version of their own app. The key feature of the device may be a wireless charging station, but with additional wizard-related features.

The code states that when you dock your phone, Google Assistant works as usual, answers questions, and makes suggestions. and the following commands even if they are locked. It also adds that the phone will give personalized help when docked at the Pixel booth. All this assumes that the dock is added to the phone as a trusted device and indicates that it may need to be connected via Bluetooth.

Lenovo Smart Display adds a visual element to Google Home with a choice of two different screen sizes, but costs either $ 200 or $ 250, which is significantly more expensive than a standard Google Home or Google Home Mini. Depending on how much Google calculates for the pixel level, it can prove to be a useful middle ground for anyone who wants to see suggestions and suggestions from the assistant after providing voice commands. Although the screen will not be as big as the Smart Display ̵

1; 8 inches or 10.1 inches – it could be ideal for desktop use where we always want a wireless charger anyway.

While the code in the Google app reveals that the company is testing a pixel-like device. It is not an absolute proof that it will ever be released, or that it will retain that functionality, even if it works. We expect the Pixel 3 product line to be released later this year, possibly in October, and we should find out more. At the same time pay attention to a new pixel clock.

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