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Google Play Games v5.14 activates Dark Theme for everyone, prepares Minesweeper and … ͡ (͡ ° ͜ʖ├┬┴┬ a meaningless side project? [APK Teardown]

) Google Play Games officially gets dark The latest update is Dark theme accessible to anyone, but not only this update brings app shortcuts and a new sorting feature for achievements. A teardown also shows that the team prepares Minesweeper for the build – in the game repertoire. Oh, and we are heard by the dev team, and we have an idea that they have a good time.

What's New

Official Change Protocol:

  • Come in the Dark Go to Settings and hit the switch on our new, dark theme.
  • Sort your achievements to rarity (boastful rights automatically included)
  • If you have limited time, touch the "Play games" icon and hold down to get to the last games as fast as lightning.

Unofficial Changes: (the stuff we found)

  • Built-in Game ID We have animated icons

Dark Theme

We know it would come a while and now is the dark theme officially seen in Google Play Games. According to some reports, it appeared a few days before the latest version was released, so the switch was probably activated at about the same time the update was introduced.

To turn on the dark theme, just open the Overflow Menu settings, and then look for the dark design, which appears about halfway across the screen. If the switch does not exist, forcibly close Play Games and restart it.

Abbreviations for the application

Play Games now supports app shortcuts that include your most recently played and installed games.

If your launcher supports this, you can pull out the shortcuts to turn them into their own launcher icons. This may sound a bit unnecessary as you can simply add the game icons directly to your launcher, but you can also add the built-in games like Snake and Cricket to your home screen.

Either way, there's some potential to make the homescreen less clear, while still being able to access more things relatively quickly.

Sort your achievements for rarities

Already in September, play games began showing rarities for success, giving players a sense of how many or how few players were able to cross some of these finish lines. According to the official change protocol, it is now possible to sort the list of achievements by rarity.

I'm not sure if I missed this functionality, but it does not seem to be available to me in the app yet. Maybe this will be activated remotely, or it will be part of an update that has not yet been released to the public, or maybe everyone else will have it except me. ¯ _ (ツ) _ / ¯ Whatever the explanation is, we will surely see it soon.

Animated icons for built-in games

The built-in games now have a little more character. If you scroll through the carousel to one of Google's own games, they are animated in a cute way. Each one has its own twist and they are so adorable that they are worth more than once.

I know that this is not exactly the most frequented way to start games, but now I want to add a way for the third party games to add your own animations. Admit, the Monument Valley icon that was animated in this style would be downright amazing.


Disclaimer: Teardowns are based on evidence found in APKs (Android application package) and are necessarily speculative and usually incomplete information. It is possible that the assumptions made here are incorrect or inaccurate. Even if the predictions are correct, there is always the possibility that products will change or be canceled. Similar to rumors, nothing is sure until it is officially announced and published.

The features described below are probably not live or available to a small percentage of users. Unless otherwise stated, do not expect these features when installing the apk. All screenshots and images are real, unless otherwise stated, and images are changed only to remove personal information.

Upcoming Game: Minesweeper

At some point in most of our lives, we've stuck to a Windows computer and have nothing to do except play Solitaire or Minesweeper. The development team behind Play Games is aware of this and, as part of a redesign at the end of last year, added Solitaire alongside two other classic minigames. Now it's back to the venerable Minesweeper.

< string name = " game_info_minesweeper_name > > > > Minesweeper </ String >

At the top you see a banner and a startup icon, but there is not much to see. Minesweeper does not seem to be live yet, at least not for me, but I can not say with any certainty that he can not be remotely controlled almost anytime.

Family Link controls

I'm not sure if this is a new version, but some new lines have been added to alert parents that Google Family Link is configured to access their game accounts Children are. You can control whether other players are allowed to watch gameplay, or whether other players can search for a player ID by name or email address.

[ string Name = " games_profile_edit_supervised_summary " > Parents can edit this post in Family Link90] </ string >
< string name = " games_profile_edit_visibility_supervised " [1945900]]> [19659044] Allow other players to see your gaming activity. Parents Can Do This in Family Link </ string >
< string name = "[1945656]" edit games_gcore_profile_discoverovero " > Allows other players to find their gamer ID based on their name or email address, so parents can put it in Family Link </ Edit String >

If you are a parent and have not thought it through as well as you would like, this is a good time. 🙂

Developers confirm to have fun!

Google's developers know what's going on, and they know there's room to play. I mean, that's the Play Games team, how crazy it would be if they did not take the time to enjoy their work.

If in doubt, they should rest. Someone in the team lets us know that they have fun while they work.

[ string name = " games__eastereggs__teardown__hello [19599029] ͡ (͡ ° ͜ʖ├ 19 </ string >
< string name = " games__eastereggs__teardown__pointear_side_project" – >
Yes, we have a lot of fun. </ string >

These lines are called Easter eggs, and one even shows that there is a "pointless side project" that may hide more. I only had time to take a quick look, but I see no sign that the code pointing to those strings is actually being used – which may mean it's just there to prevent the build optimization removed them from the final APK. [19659011Alsothereisnothingtobesaidaboutitsothatyoucanalwayskeepintouchwithdevelopersandhowmanythanksforkeepingintouch!ヽ(͡◕Download͡◕)ノ


The APK is signed by Google and updates your existing app. The cryptographic signature guarantees that the file can be safely installed and has not been tampered with. Instead of waiting for Google to download this download to your devices, which can take days, just download and install it like any other APK.

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