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Google redesigns the News tab, with more emphasis on headlines and publisher names

Google is updating the News tab of its desktop search feature. The updated design ensures that the information density is saved for clarity.

The new design, which the company has announced in a tweet brings the look of the News tab closer to that of the dedicated Google News site. Messages are now displayed in a card format rather than a list, making headlines and publisher names more important. It also looks like the company would be grouping the stories more clearly. So, if you're looking for a broad topic (like "MLB"), it's easier to differentiate between different areas of coverage.

The change itself is relatively low, but part of Google's larger effort to outsmart its news products to improve. Editing news by the technology giants sometimes seems to be an afterthought. The contents of the enterprise are to be prepared by search and aggregation functions. However, concerns about digital news have increased in recent years. Publishers were worried about declining revenues and experts warned against the proliferation of low-quality sources.

The answer from Google was complex. Partnerships were concluded with local news organizations. created new mechanisms that make it easier for users to subscribe to publishers; Set up programs to combat counterfeit messages; and has restarted its own news app with new AI features. It's a flood of activity, though it's not clear if any of these programs will change the underlying dynamics of the current media landscape as tech platforms continue to hinder publishers' revenue and push users to dubious publishers.

The updated news tab will be available to users around the world in the coming weeks.

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