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Google reviews search events with recommendations and more detailed overviews

Over the past year, Google has implemented a new event-aware search map interface that gives you a simple overview of the many ways you can spend your free time locally. Google announced today that it adds some features to search that make it even easier to find events, and include more information such as time, location, and ticketing, as well as a whole new detection mechanism to find events you might like. 19659002] Events have been a concern in several Google products for some time, including Google Search and Google Maps. In fact, many small improvements to how Google deals with events have slowly found their way into products. But these new improvements in Search will probably be much more obvious in an average person's life.

Based on the information in the advertisement, searches that trigger the new event interface show information such as time, location, and ticketing providers in a convenient and easy-to-analyze format. Links to other tickets for events, save them on your personal list or share them with your friends are also included. A completely new event detection recommendation system is also included in the new For You tab, which contains a personalized list of things that Google would like to check out, probably based on information or settings associated with your account. [19659005] Search UI for events (left), "More events" screen (right).

As far as I can tell, last year there were at least three slightly different versions of this interface. Initially, recording the "More events" arrow merely resulted in a list with a single tab with a timeline overview, as shown in the GIF in our original report. In the meantime, Google rolled out a two-tab interface, but tapping a card still took you to the page of the event and not to another page in the search with additional information. (Note: this second interface currently has all my devices.) Due to the announcement, a third interface with the new event detection tab and a second screen will soon end up in the event selection process.

The new feature has not landed on my devices yet – Google says in the announcement that it should arrive in the next few days – so I can not tell you what it looks like or how it behaves personally. A help article on the Google website has recently been updated with the simple instructions for using the new features if you want a preventive overview.

The website developers should also take note that Google has provided instructions on their events may be inserted via the search in this new format, using a set of technical guidelines for structured data, to ensure that information for inclusion the event are analyzed correctly.

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