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Google Search tests the fully map-based user interface on the desktop web

One of the key aspects of Google’s material design has recently been the use of “cards” that help visually separate things in an app or page. Google has now started testing a new desktop search user interface that is almost entirely based on Material Design cards.

On mobile devices, Google Search has long used maps to separate your search results and organize things like news and the knowledge diagram. Maps were only used to a limited extent on the desktop side because only the knowledge diagram and Google News use maps, while the rest of the page is only divided by spaces.

Today we were spontaneously shown a different user interface for Google search on the desktop web, no doubt as part of Google̵

7;s numerous A / B tests. In the new user interface, we see that each Google search result has been saved on its own material design card. Unlike previous uses of maps on the desktop that were only flat on the page, this new experimental design includes a shadow effect to show that the map is “raised” over the rest of the page.

As can be expected, websites with multiple results are combined into a combined map. This is definitely a lot clearer to understand than the current method of simply indenting the additional results.

Interestingly, although most aspects are now based on these elevated maps, the knowledge graphs and product comparison interfaces of Google search are still displayed on flat maps. The other Google Search tabs, such as B. News, pictures and shopping seem to be unchanged in the new design.

Google has reportedly tested this design style at least once, but already in 2016, years before Google introduced us to its newer, more rounded material theming, beginning with the redesign of Gmail.

At the moment the test seems to be quite limited, as we could only display it on one device and only in incognito mode. Since Google is testing countless experimental changes to the user interface at a certain point in time, it is difficult to say whether a more comprehensive version will ever be released for this particular redesign. Nevertheless, I hope that this is the case, because I personally am a fan of the elevated cards from Material Design. Let us know what you think about this map-based redesign in the comments!

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