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Google’s discontinued Pixel 4 is $ 250 less at Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Photo

The Google Pixel 4 is no longer on sale, but Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Photo appear to have had enough inventory to launch a coordinated sale, bringing the 64GB and 128GB models each $ 250 below their original prices . Both Best Buy and B&H Photo have the unlocked Pixel 4 with 64 GB of storage space in “only black” and “clear white” for $ 549. Amazon is currently only offering the offer for the black phone. For an additional $ 100, you can get the 128GB model. Unfortunately, the larger Pixel 4 XL is not included here.

The best deal for the smaller Pixel 4 model was in April when it fell to $ 499. You can now technically get this price at Best Buy ̵

1; but only if you are ready to activate the phone when purchasing it from a cellular provider. If you are looking for the best value and selection, head to B&H Photo, where the phone comes with a translucent case for free. It’s nothing special, but a case where the Pixel 4 is ready to go is something some people might want to do.

Google retired the Pixel 4 just days after announcing the Pixel 4A, a $ 349 phone that is now available for pre-order and will be released on August 20th. Instead of the Pixel 4’s high-end Snapdragon 855 processor and its tricky Motion Sense feature for hand gesture-based navigation, the Pixel 4A is limited to lowering the entry-level price for Google’s great camera and software. So, not only is raw power still a good reason to choose Pixel 4 over 4A, but the more expensive device offers wireless charging, water resistance, and a quick refresh rate display.

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