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Google's Gmail update increases your privacy and productivity

Just when you thought that Google completely forgot Google's web client, Google introduced a brand new version with a new design, new features, and new way of thinking about emails. As we've already heard, Google is introducing a whole host of interface and feature changes to the Gmail web client today, but as with all web and Google services, it may take a while to reach your browser.

The first thing you'll notice is a visual change with the new Gmail. While the old web interface was a bit dated, the new redesign adds a modern touch to the whole with rounded buttons, cleaner menus, and collapsible side panels. But while the new interface is beautiful and intuitive, the biggest changes are how to use them and not what they look like.

  google gmail inbox Google

The inbox on Gmail's web client has gotten a major upgrade.

Why It's So Important More than a billion people use Gmail every day, and a large proportion of them use the Web client to send and receive messages. Whether you're using a Gmail account for business or personal use, using a secure, powerful, and secure web client is just as important as push notifications and scheduling. However, the whole package is an important upgrade for Gmail users, especially the Confidential mode. By removing the ability to forward, copy, download, and print messages, and set expiration dates, Gmail is becoming more appealing to home users and businesses.

Privacy and Productivity

Along with The new Gmail web interface delivers a laser-sharp focus on productivity and security. It starts with your inbox. If a message or conversation has an attachment, you can now preview or open it without having to scroll through a list of messages. With an overdue snooze feature, you can keep your inbox clean. You can also easily access other Google tools like Calendar, Keep, and Tasks that have not been integrated into your own app in iOS and Android.

  Google Gmail Nudge Google

A new feature will remind you to send replies to older messages.

Even if you're not an ordinary scheduler, the new Gmail will track your messages for you with a new "nudge" feature that reminds you to respond to messages after you've slept for a few days. In addition, smart responses have been integrated into Gmail for faster responses in Gmail.

The coolest feature, however, is that Google calls it Confidential Mode. Apply it to one of your outgoing messages, and your recipient will lose the ability to forward, copy, download, or print the message upon receipt. According to The Verge, who has already reviewed the new Gmail interface, "Google makes it impossible to send sensitive content directly, just by linking to the content stored in your mailbox and accessing it can." Recipients either through their Gmail account or, if they use another email service, https. "

Of course, you can always take a screenshot or take a picture of the screen with your phone, but it's still good protection, you can also set a message expiration date, just like Inspector Gadget.

Tasks is a new one Mobile Manager

The focus of the new Gmail update may be on the web interface, but Google has not forgotten about its mobile apps. A new update for the iOS and Android Gmail app includes high-priority alerts that you can use about In addition, Gmail will alert you when a suspicious spam message arrives, as well as your Pixel Phone on calls.

  Gmail App Notifications Google

The Google Mail App Receives High Priority Notifications and Subscribe Proposals.

There is also a new productivity app Tasks The new app, which used to be part of the Gmail experience, provides a simple, clean interface that lets you create lists and schedule tasks, set reminders, and add subtasks and notes. It's also integrated with Gmail and Google Calendar so you can organize your entire life without having to jump between apps.

To get started, you can download it from the App Store on iOS (available this week) or the Google Play Store on Android. The new Gmail client will be launched worldwide in the coming weeks, with features based on hit browsers. Click the gear icon in the right corner and look for the "Try the new Gmail" option.

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