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Google's Launcher For Pixel 3 is subtly reworked

Google's Pixel 3 devices appear to be announcing a redesign of Pixel Launcher's search bar widget if some new changes in the app's code are making the final cut of the software. Discovered by XDA Developers, the new U.I. Both the standard search bar and the bottom bar somehow manage to be subtle as well as obvious. This is because it retains its rounded edges and icon, and thus its familiarity. The functionality of the search bar is unlikely to change. However, the standard text input box and the vocal search microphone section are now completely subdivided into their own respective bubbles with a distinct gap in the middle. The tool in question has historically been represented as a single widget, with various parts of the widget being clicked to launch one of the two applications. The goal seems to be to create a sense of disconnection, to make the choice between using language or entering a query more intuitive.

In general, the redesign still looks close enough to the original that it should not do too much. A riot among the pixel enthusiasts, while it seems so different that it really suits every other freshness that Google has Launcher wants to bring. However, it is not immediately clear if devices other than the previously unannounced Pixel 3 and probably Pixel 3 XL will ever use the new widget. The code itself, which runs with "pixel_2018", seems to indicate that this could ultimately be specific to these phones. That would not be completely unusual as Google's branded devices went their own way with some features compared to other Android smartphones in the past.

Against this backdrop, the source is a true hotbed of mods and custom software – with or without root – and has said that at least one developer is working to update an aftermarket version of Pixel Launcher to include the change. There is no official time frame for this to happen, but anyone who wants to benefit from it will probably have to look for it. This may not even be necessary, as other world-class reskinning and launcher applications available for Android are undoubtedly news of the U.I. Redesign Spreads

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