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Google's lightweight go-search app is now available worldwide

One and a half years after its limited introduction in India and Indonesia, the lightweight Google Go search app is now available worldwide. Just over 7 MB in size, the app will help you find information online for low-power devices and remember your search results when you get back online when your connection is lost. The app is now available in the Play Store and, according to Google, will run on all Android devices running Lollipop 5.0 and above.

In addition to being designed for low-power devices, Google Go has some features that the company claims have been developed to meet the needs of emerging markets. Earlier this year, Google extended Google Go to include lens functions that allow the app to read text from the real world with its camera. The app also supports voice search and has been able to read websites aloud since last year. A departure from typing and reading is no coincidence. After all, a report by The Wall Street Journal in 2017 found that Google's "Next Billion Users" are more likely to rely on video and speech to interact with their devices.

Google Go is just one of many Go branded apps Google is developing for emerging markets. These include Gmail Go, which has a streamlined email experience, and Gallery Go, which lets you organize your photos. In addition to these apps, Google also makes Android Go, a slimmed-down version of its mobile operating system for low-power devices. Although this software is primarily for emerging markets, it has also found other fans due to the relative lack of built-in features and the efficiency of these apps on cheaper phones.

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