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Google's mysterious new operating system could soon replace Android, but there will still be Android apps – BGR – running

Google is not ready to talk about it publicly, but Fuchsia exists. It is a third operating system that will eventually replace Android and Chrome OS. We've already seen Fuchsia in action and we know it will work on a variety of devices, regardless of form factor. Fuchsia will be running on phones, tablets and laptops in the not too distant future.

The good news is that when Google finally decides to end Android and replace it with Fuchsia, it will not really kill your Android experience

There are many reasons why Android is great for both users and device manufacturers, and it's not that the mobile operating system will simply disappear as soon as the first official version of Fuchsia comes on the market. But there is one important reason why Google wants to replace it, and that's the current state of the Android ecosystem.

Unifying Android and Chrome into a single experience that offers the same features to users regardless of device or screen size is another reason why Fuchsia could be awesome. And you should not worry about this possible change from Android to Fuchsia, especially if you are a hardcore Android user. Your Android experience and Android apps will continue to work on Fuchsia.

We suspect that for a while, but a new discovery shows that native Android app support for Fuchsia is available. Once Google and its partners start to launch Fuchsia-based devices, these gadgets can run all of your current Android apps. At least the code suggests it.

That's hardly surprising, considering that Chrome OS also supports Android apps. Whenever Fuchsia arrives, it should be available to users in addition to Android and Chrome OS for a few years. Therefore, Android apps must be immediately ready for use, because only so Android users can easily switch from Android to Fuchsia. It is also a must for Google Play Store. After all, the company does not want to spoil developers. Instead, it wants to give Fuchsia users access to as many apps as possible as quickly as possible.

However, before you get excited about Fuchsia, you should know that we are probably a few years away from his arrival. Meanwhile, Android P is Google's next major release for Android, and we'll see more on Google I / O next month.

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