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Google's Pixel Phones cut by the A.I. hype

  google pixel 3 xl back
Julian Chokkattu / Digital Trends

After an unprecedented amount of leaks, the Google event in New York was a bit surprising. The new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are exactly what we expected. Only a few phones have received so much criticism in construction until the revelation. The deep notch on top of the Pixel 3 XL's OLED screen seems to be generally vilified, and our Pixel 3 XL hands-on has not changed us ̵

1; it's ugly.

While we're glad the Pixel 3 does not do it. There's no matching notch, the large bezels definitely make it look old, but there's more in a phone than it looks. We are often told that what counts is what counts, and Google's pioneering advances in artificial intelligence (A.I.) remind us of it. The dull design is definitely disappointing, but we are really excited about what the A.I. smart inside can do for us.

"The big breakthroughs you'll see are not just in hardware, they come at the interface of AI, software and hardware," says Rick Osterloh, senior vice president of hardware at Google said on stage in front of the giant Screen with the words "AI + Software + Hardware"

We can not help believing that the order is no coincidence. Google is an all-in at KI and has always valued the software experience through its hardware. This distinguishes Google from competitors like Apple and Samsung. If you want a beautifully crafted smartphone, there's a galaxy out there, but if you want a phone that can do things no other phone can do, the Pixel 3 stands out.

The A.I. Hype Train

Everyone has already overwhelmed artificial intelligence for so long that it is easy to avoid exaggeration. The sad truth is that the experience, A.I.

  Pixel 3 Camera Lens
Julian Chokkattu / Digital Trends

Without naming names, we have A.I. In cameras, subjects and scenes are always misidentified, resulting in shots that are significantly worse than the normal auto mode. We had countless suggestions for news stories or places to visit that would expose the most fleeting understanding of our flavors or places as false. We were repeatedly misunderstood as we tried to issue simple voice commands.

It feels as if Google has had some success after investing in AI, but everyone wanted to jump on the bandwagon and there is no short cut to catch up.

Preventive Help

We're used to things like predictive text, but the first time we can remember that we got some helpful information over the phone without asking if Google Now rolled out. When you look at your phone in the morning, you will see a map indicating your optimal commute. If you pull your phone out of your pocket at a bus stop or train station, there will be a timetable.

It is the only service that tries to anticipate your needs.

It has not done much other than to warn you of the latest sports scores for the teams you have supported, but it was an exciting first step. Being able to see at a glance whether there was a traffic delay or when exactly the next bus would arrive made life a little easier.

Google Now became Google Assistant and it's just our favorite digital butler. While Siri can create a reminder and Alexa plays the music you want, Google Assistant goes a little deeper. It's the only service that tries to anticipate your needs – and does it well. Anecdotally, it is also much better to understand Scottish accents than the competition.

Google Assistant handles calls

When we saw the Google Duplex demo earlier this year, we were overwhelmed. This is A.I. Make a natural-sounding conversation and book a restaurant reservation or arrange a hairdressing appointment. It can work within the parameters you specify so that you can make a reservation for 20:00. but between 8pm and 9pm It's ok, and it will go on and book the table for you to automatically add the reservation to your Google Calendar once it's booked.

If you did not say that it was not human, you would not guess. We do not doubt it could outperform the Turing test, provided the topic was not too far from booking your appointment.

This feature will begin next month on Google Pixel smartphones, starting city by city with New York City. Although it is currently quite limited, we can see that it becomes something that we often use in our daily lives.

Another exciting exclusivity for pixel phones is the call-screen feature. If you receive an incoming call that you can not or will not accept, tap the on-screen call and the caller hears this:

If it does not tell you it's not human, you would not. t rate.

"Hello, the person you're calling uses a Google screening service and gets a copy of that conversation – say your name and why you're calling."

As the caller explains, the transcribed text appears in Real time on your screen and you can choose if you want to pick it up, send a quick reply or create a mark it as spam. If you mark as spam, the following will be displayed automatically:

"Please remove the number from your mailing and contact list, thank you, and bye."

We believe that the immediacy and convenience of the visual voicemail that it does worth remembering, is also carrier-specific and currently not available everywhere.

Amazing camera performance

One of the biggest arms race for smartphones in recent years, and easily the biggest area of ​​improvement, was the camera. We've seen more and more dual-lens cameras and even triple-lens cameras as manufacturers outnumber each other.

If you search for Google, the A.I. on the hardware, look no further than the pixel camera. Google has with a single-lens main camera, even the megapixel count of the original pixels for the pixels 2 and still surpasses most of the competition.

  Google Pixel cuts through ai Hype 3 camera app
Julian Chokkattu / Digital Trends

Pixel 2 is our acting photo mobile champion because he mostly takes the photos we want to keep or share.

"It's no coincidence," said Osterloh at the Google event. "We've spent years exploring computer vision technologies and analyzing hundreds of millions of photos."

All of these A.I. Features make your camera easier to use and result in better photos.

Google achieves better, more consistent results through the use of artificial intelligence and computer-aided photography than its competitors get by packing in more lenses. The Pixel 2 delivers great portrait shots with the coveted bokeh background blur. HDR + merges multiple images to produce the best image every time.

Pixel 3 brings more A.I. Smart with Super Res Zoom, which combines multiple shots to increase the resolution when zooming. Machine Learning in Night Sight will recolor the photos taken in low light conditions to illuminate them without flash. Top Shot takes a series of photos and then chooses the group selfie where everyone looks at the camera and smiles. Portrait shots in the Photobooth mode can be triggered by a funny face or a smile, so you do not miss the perfect photo.

All of these A.I. Features make your camera easier to use and result in better photos. With the latest triple camera from a competitor, you may be able to achieve something technically better, but it often requires a bit of planning or fine-tuning. Google's Pixel Cameras are designed to be fast and easy so you can just show and shoot as most people really use their phone cameras.

Really useful A.I.

The A.I. The innovation in the new pixel continues with Smart Compose in Gmail, which gives you the ability to provide your sentences with contextual phrases, reducing repetitive input such as addresses. It's like an overloaded version of predictive text that can really save a lot of time.

We know that many people find this stuff scary or have legitimate privacy concerns, but for us the utility overlays our unrest.

From warnings about train delays and park-location reminders to capturing the best possible photos, Google is doing things with the AI ​​no one else can do right now. Google Assistant is far closer to the true personal assistant you can not afford than any competitor. If you want to realize the full potential of this, you need a pixel phone. It might not be the best choice, but it is certainly the smartest.

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