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Google's Pixelbook Successor "Atlas" Leaked [Video]

In the run-up to the last Made by Google hardware event last year, we shared our three leading assumptions for in-development devices, which are likely to be the flagship of Chrome OS for 2018 from Google. Two of them "Nocturne" and his failed predecessor "Meowth" were considered by Pixel Slate, so "Atlas" was not explained. Due to Google's recent history of hardware gaps, it was only a matter of time before Atlas emerged. It's about time that two videos supposedly from the Atlas Chromebook have come to light, offering a first glimpse of the next Made by Google laptop.

Today's Atlas leaks are from About Chromebooks and Brandon Lall, who claims to have uncovered the videos in the Chromium Bug Tracker, which in the past was a reliable source for this type of leak. While the videos appeared to have been removed from the bug tracker or made private, they were initially kept for our enjoyment.

In our research last year, we were pretty confident that Atlas would soon be in the Made by Google lineup, built by the same manufacturer as the Pixelbook (Quanta Corp), and was even referred to as "closely related" to the Pixelbook , What we find in the leaked videos is something radically different from the pixel brand we've seen so far, and may call into question our belief in Atlas's Made by Google status.

In this first leaked video, we see that Atlas can be a traditional Clamshell-style Chromebook. Judging from the position of the hinge, it does not seem to be a convertible like the pixelbook. I think that's smart on Google's side, as if this device were a convertible, it would compete directly with the Pixel Slate and push it out of the market.

The top and bottom bezels are still thick, but the new 16: The 9-aspect ratio is definitely a change from the past of pixels. While the quality of the video makes it impossible to say for sure, my rough visual comparison with the 4K Lenovo Yoga Chromebook tells me that Atlas is likely to have a 4K display as we expected.

Under the hinge we can do that very well Make sure the device is marked with a placeholder "ProductName". If you print the name of the device on the device itself, is very far out of the usual Google way of branding their flagship devices. Usually, the most significant trademark on every pixel is the inclusion of the signature G logo.

If we move down, we can see that the top keyboard layout of Atlas is very close to what's on the Pixelbook. except for the "hamburger" key, which was replaced by a power key.

The second video gives us much less work to do than the bug videos to demonstrate the ad. Luckily, we can take a closer look at the top three lines of the keyboard. The buttons themselves are an interesting change from Pixelbook and Pixel Slate, as their brownish-gray color contrasts starkly with Atlas's black case. However, we can not necessarily draw too many conclusions about these colors. The previously mentioned wildcard "ProductName" clearly states that this Atlas device is not a final design.

If these leaks are accurate, I begin to doubt whether Atlas is actually in the Chromebook's pixel range than Google's. The device shown has none of the intricacies Pixel is known for. Hopefully, Google will make some significant improvements between now and the launch.

What do you think? After these leaks, do you still believe that Atlas is the next Made by Google Chromebook? Would you like to purchase an unconvertible "pixelbook"? Tell us in the comments.

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