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GOP ready to blame Trump

Frustrated Republicans say the time has come for the Senate to take more power over foreign policy and plan to take a move on Thursday that would be an impressive rebuke to a president of their own party.

GOP Lawmakers Are Deeply Concerned With President Trump Donald John TrumpSchumer: The Past Time When Intel Leaders Call for Intervention with New York Times Times Trump Venezuelan Opposition Leader Claiming he demanded Trump he did not speak with Whitaker about the end of the Müller investigation MORE refused to listen to his high-ranking military and intelligence advisors because he feared that national security might be jeopardized. They say the Senate has lost too much of its constitutional power over shaping the nation's foreign policy and argue that it is time to repel some of it.

"Power over foreign policy has shifted to the executive over the last 30 years. Many of us in the Senate want to start the repossession, "said a Republican senator, who was closely allied with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell . Addison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnell McConnell abolishes the law making Election Day a federal holiday Corruption in Washington, incumbents and candidates must have a new way to finance their campaigns, the Mike Pompeo in the Missouri-Kansas forum from speculation by the Senate offered (R-Ky.).

They plan to send Trump a stern warning by voting on a McConnell-backed amendment on Thursday afternoon stating hard-earned gains and national security from the "abrupt withdrawal" of US forces from Syria and Afghanistan could endanger the United States ".

The resolution also expresses a sense of the Senate that the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and al-Qaeda constitute a "continuing threat to the homeland and our allies" and have the "ability to survive in Syria and

It is a sharp refutation of the statement that Trump made on Twitter in December: "We have defeated the IS in Syria."

In the Senate, McConnell said his amendment would "provide expertise and support." the advice offered to him, only to be underscored by experts who served presidents of both parties, "a subtle rejection of the Trump tweets from earlier in the day that mocked his intelligence advisors as" naive. "

Trump stunned Republican Senators Wednesday by flogging at the Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats Daniel (Dan) Ray Coats Schumer: Past time for Intel leader to make an interv staging with Trump Hillicon Valley: Mueller claims that Russians used case dossiers to discredit his investigation | Trump blasts intellectual leaders Facebook ends 2018 with record profits | Judge Refuses to Dismiss Request for Unclaimed Assassin Prosecution Over Night Defense – Presented by Raytheon – Trump explosions cite officials as "passive and naive" Legislators reintroduce the Yemen war powers' resolution Dems press Pentagon to repeat the climate report VA proposes new rules for private health care MORE and CIA Director Gina Haspel after contradicting some of his optimistic claims regarding threats from North Korea and ISIS. The senior intelligence officials also angered Trump, testifying that Iran is meeting the atomic agreements signed by the Western powers under the Obama administration.

Trump has tweeted: "The intelligence officers seem to be extremely passive and naive when it comes to the dangers of Iran. You were wrong! "The President added in a follow-up tweet about Iran:" Maybe the secret service should go back to school! "Trump seemed to be responding to the coverage on the television news stories about how the statement contradicts his views on global threats. 19659002] The rabid Republican legislators quickly pushed back against criticism and called on the President to show more restraint.

"I do not know how many times you can say that, but I would prefer it if the President is kept away from Twitter. This is especially true for these important national security issues, where you have experts with background knowledge and are professionals, "said Senate Republican Whip John Thune John Randolph ThuneSchumer: Past time for Intel leaders to come up with Trump No GOP to operate an intervention, appetite for a second shutdown of the Senate Republicans on the repeal of property tax MORE (SD). "In most cases, I think he should take this into account when it comes to their verdict."

Thune praised Coats, a former senator, as "an incredibly capable, principled guy" to whom he is "very committed" right for the country. "Thune predicted that most Republican senators will vote for the resolution, calling on Trump to exercise caution in assessing Syrian and Afghan troops."

"This reflects the widespread view of our conference – you Even we want to trust our military leaders in some of these decisions, "he said.

He added that" some of our members "regularly talk to the President" and told him that they think the policy, the he currently wants to pursue in relation to Syria, not the right one. "

Sen. Mitt Romney Willard (Mitt) Mitt RomneyHey Team, Loyalty means We're Not Whining "Trump is a Weakling" Poll: Utah Voters Split in the Midst of Trump Job Performance MORE ( R-Utah), who has proven to be a well-known counterweight to the president on foreign policy issues, said: "I have full confidence in our intelligence services and leadership. They are sophisticated and capable, and I take them at their word. "

" A resigning retreat from Syria would endanger our allies and be detrimental to our allies in the region, "he added.

Sen. Roy Blunt Roy Dean BluntNo's GOP Appetite for a Second Shutdown The Memo: Divisions Remain in Trump World Because of "Emergency" GOPP Plans in the Senate to Advance the Change of Rules for Trump Picks to March. (R-Mo.), Member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said, "This is an intellectual community that the president has largely established."

"I have faith in her, and I think he should, too," he said.

Coats told the Intelligence Committee Tuesday that US analysts believe that "North Korea wants to retain its ability to use weapons of mass destruction," and "probably will not give up all of its nuclear weapons and production capacity, as its leaders eventually look at nuclear energy . " Weapons as critical to the survival of the regime.

The statement underscored Trump's praise for a declaration made last year with North Korea that relations should be normalized in return for the "denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula".

Coats also testified that US intelligence does not believe that Iran is undertaking "key activities" to manufacture a nuclear device. Regarding ISIS, Coats warned that the group is making a comeback and counting thousands of fighters in Syria and Iraq.

Reel warned that North Korea has committed to developing a long-range missile that could hit the United States, and Coats's statement confirms that Iran is still abiding by the nuclear deal.

Trump and some of his followers have long accused a so-called deep state of national security and intelligence officials trying to undermine his presidency. But a former White House official who dealt with national security issues revealed Trump's reaction on Wednesday to his preference for critics no matter who they are.

"Trump will always react to someone who attacks him or thinks he's trying to make him look bad," the official said. "It does not matter if you are the intelligence community. It does not matter if you are the Secretary of Agriculture. "

Sen. John Cornyn John CornynOvernight Health Care – Featured by Kidney Care Partners – VA Unveils Proposal to Expand Private Health Care for Veterans House-Dems Launch Probe on "Exploding" Insulin Prices | Outbreaks of late abortion struggle in Virginia Overnight Health Care – Introduced by Kidney Care Partners – Grassley insists that pharmaceutical companies will run out of prices Dems use hearing to meet GOP under pre-existing conditions Bloomberg says "Medicare for all" might Bankrupt GOP Chairman: I will "insist" insist that pharmaceutical companies testify to their prices. MORE (R-Texas), another member of the Intelligence Panel, praised Coats and Reel as "great patriots" who "say how it is".

"Sometimes facts are uncomfortable," said Cornyn.

"But they work for him," he added, referring to Trump. "He should call her on the phone."

Responding to Trump's response to Twitter, Cornyn said, "Just say no, no more Twitter."

Trump has long disagreed with intelligence and the national security community when it comes to a long list of Issues are at stake, especially with regard to employment with Russia, and this dynamic has led to disgust.

"Whether or not there is merit, Trump regards the Russia call as a direct threat to his legitimacy and he is very sensitive about it," he said Former officials "He is unwilling to respond."

The hearings have also hit some nerve with some supporters of the president, which has compounded the issue of cable television.

Fred Fleitz, former chief of staff of National Security Advisor John Bolton said Coats should be fired for his comments to Congress.

"I have to tell you I would let him go because of that, and I have It's been some time, "Fleitz said Tuesday in an interview with Lou Dobbs, a Fox Business Network trump favorite. "I think Mr. Coats is a great guy, but intelligence is supposed to inform the president's policy. It should not undermine it. The policy of the president should not be apprehended.

Fleitz also said that intelligence agencies should stop providing unclassified public assessments of the threats to the US for "undermining Trump's policies."

"This is crazy. That has to stop, "he said.

A turning point for many Republicans was Trump's unexpected announcement on December 19 that "we won against IS" and he would order the withdrawal of 2,000 American troops from Syria. The next day, Secretary of Defense James Mattis James Norman MattisBudowsky: Dems can win a landslide by the group Bipartisan House (2020), which brings Syria to a halt. South Korea's Dump Trump Pushing Intel Chiefs Back: ISIS Will Be Soon The Destruction of MORE announced its resignation, citing political differences and its concerns about the future of US alliances.

Even before that, there was a growing sense in the Senate GOP conference of limiting Trump's power as commander-in-chief. Seven Republicans voted with the Democrats on 13 December for a resolution instructing the president to withdraw US forces from participating in the civil war in Yemen. It was the first time that the Senate successfully passed a resolution under the War Powers Act of 1973, which was issued at the end of the Vietnam War to restrict executive power.

McConnell has attempted to divert the focus from the differences between Trump and Republican senators on national security by highlighting the divisions between the Democrats regarding the resolution on Syria and Afghanistan.

"The Democrats rejected a vote on this change, apparently therefore a break between their members would be revealed. A split between the Senate Democrats who are still committed to this vision for the American leadership and their colleagues who have abandoned these principles at the urging of the extreme left – or are too afraid to take any of these positions, "McConnell said in the Senate. [19659002] The Democrats, however, have quickly rushed to Trump's comments and made a comparison with the controversial joint press conference of the President with Russian President Vladimir Putin last year, when he appeared to be aware of the intelligence of the US intelligence agencies, Russia in the 2016 presidential election put weight on Putin's categorical rejection.

Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff Adam Bennett ShipGOP Announces Members to Be Represented on House Intel Panel Ship: Intel bosses statement may undermine Trump's ability to declare emergency for the wall Ending stoppings forever Dems press Mnuchin on Russia sanctions, debt limit | Trump Budget Delayed by Shutdown MORE (D-Calif.) Accused Trump of undercutting US intelligence officials. "It offers a great opening to our opponents, who can discredit our intelligence services. You can say, "Well, even the President of the United States does not believe his intelligence services. Why should we then believe what the intelligence services say about Russia interfering with our election? Why should we believe what the secret service has to say about Iran's compliance with the nuclear agreement? "He said on Wednesday.

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