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GOP shows Russian trolls, as is done with Trump Inspector General Whistleblower Smear

From Donald Trump, prominent Republicans used part of their weekend to falsely accuse Trump's hand-picked General Inspector of Intelligence (IC IG) of secretly changing the requirements for intelligence officials to provide whistleblower tips in a state plot to vacate the appeal of August 12th about Trump's call to the President of Ukraine.

The Smoking Weapon in the Alleged Conspiracy is an opaque form of government, IC IG ICWSP Form 401, also known as the Disclosure of Urgent Concern Form. The document was issued by the IC IG for intelligence staff who are required to file urgent complaints triggering special treatment under the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act.

According to the GOP and an army of conservative commentators, workers in the old version of the form were barred from submitting urgent complaints based on second-hand information. only personally witnessed misconduct could be reported. This changed in early August, the false claim that ICIG Michael Atkinson sneaked through a hasty revision of the complaint form, which reversed the policy of many years.

"Whistleblowers had to gain direct knowledge of allegations first-hand," states Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in a Saturday Stweet . "But just days before the Ukrainian whistleblower appeared, the IC secretly removed this requirement from the complaint form."

"Records show that the intelligence services tacitly revised the whistleblower formal complaint form in August 2019," Rudy Giuliani tweeted on Sunday . "The requirement to have first-hand direct knowledge about perceived wrongdoing is eliminated. Coincidence? "

" That was literally until apparently recently in shape, "said Trump's other attorney Jay Sukulow at an appearance on Hannity ." Months ago: no first-hand information, no report. "[19659002] "WOW, they got caught," Trump tweeted. "Finish the witch hunt now!"

The Atkinson smear crops up amidst a broad GOP campaign that seems to discredit the whistleblower report as unreliable, partisan hearsay although this has already been confirmed by an IC IG review and endorsed by the White House's own transcript of Trump's call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, it began late Friday with a story from the conservative Web site The Federalist, titled Secret Knowledge from the Intel Community on Whistleblower Firsthand. "The article claimed," The intelligence community has the formal whistleblower complaint form in the Secretly reworked in August 2019 to eliminate the requirement of first-hand direct knowledge of misconduct. "

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