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Government employees expect to receive a refund within a few days

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By Lauren Egan and Courtney Buble


1; A White House official said on Friday that the Trump administration is taking steps to ensure that repayment is so swift As possible, the approximately 800,000 dismissed employees who got off without payroll during the 35-day government downtime.

President Donald Trump announced Friday that the government will be reopened until 15 February while negotiations on the financing of border security continue.

The actions of the president, workers in the states will be paid in the coming days, "tweeted the White House. "We thank the officials who worked and were arrested without pay. It is time for Congress to negotiate and tackle the humanitarian crisis on our frontier once and for all.

Administrative officials said the payroll could vary by agency and encouraged employees to contact their employer for more information.

A bill of 16 January guaranteeing that government employees would receive repayment at the "earliest possible date" once the government reopened, regardless of the next scheduled payment date. However, the bill did not offer the same protection to millions of government contractors, such as caretakers and restaurant staff, who are often paid very little.

"Get the checks out now. Federal employees have not been paid for more than a month, and mortgages and rents are due next week, "US Treasury President Tony Reardon said in a statement on Friday. "You should not have to wait another minute."

Although the government was temporarily reopened, relief was widespread, but federal employees were cautious that they could be in the same situation in a few weeks.

Mandy Ranslow, an analyst at the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, said that she is personally "cautiously optimistic about the reopening of the government," and "would not reject the idea, bearing in mind that we're in the same Situation [be] in three weeks is rich with people making decisions, and they do not understand why federal employees suffer. "

Jason Swearingen, a contract worker at NASA, said he used all his vacation days until mid-January to survive the shutdown

"I do not know if I'll pay back my vacation time," he wrote to NBC News on Twitter. "I am glad that there is at least a temporary opening, but I am annoyed that it is temporary."

The Smithsonian Museums and the National Zoo also announced Friday that they would reopen next Tuesday.

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