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Governor Doug Ducey proposes a 9% increase in teacher salary this year, 2


Governor Doug Ducey has announced a proposal for a teacher pay raise

At a news conference on Thursday afternoon the governor said he had suggested giving teachers a permanent wage increase of 9 percent down the line, a 20 percent increase by 2020.

"Education has top priority in Arizona," said Ducey. They deserve to be rewarded for their hard work. "

" We continue our commitment to prioritize public education – without increasing taxes while maintaining the balanced budget of Arizona "Ducey tweeted on Thursday.

Thursday's announcement follows a month of intense pressure from teachers.

Earlier Thursday, House Speaker JD Mesnard rolled out a proposal to increase teacher pay next year by 6 percent and 24 percent next year (1

9659003) The speaker hopes that teachers who have threatened to strike will be reassured when they do not immediately receive a 20 percent salary increase.

"We will ensure that teacher pay is our top priority. There is no doubt about that; This plan would ensure that teachers receive salary increases, "Mesnard said.

The spokesman's plan, however, does not address all the demands of teachers involved in the #RedForEd movement" walk-ins "and" sick-outs "across

[SPECIAL SECTION: Arizona schools in crisis]

Beyond Teachers Pay, #RedForEd wants heads of state to increase all K-12 spending, as funding per student is still less than Ten years ago.

Mesnard's plan takes money away from capital improvements – such as new books, buses, building maintenance – to fund teacher salaries.

Joe Thomas, president of the Arizona Educators Association, described this proposal as a "shell Game "" This forces schools to get by with outdated equipment and school facilities.

"This will knock teachers against air conditioners, and that's a wrong choice for students," said Thomas.

"Arizona's hard-working and dedicated teachers earn a raise," tweeted Ducey Thursday. We spend more money on our top priorities: teachers and classrooms in Arizona.

The governor's office released the following statement:

Governor Doug Ducey announced today that he will continue his investment in Arizona's school system by raising teacher salaries by 20 percent by the start of the 2020 school year. This initiative complements his plan, Completely restore recession cuts over the next five years – increase everything without taxes while maintaining the balanced budget of Arizona.

At the beginning, the governor's teacher salary will be increased to nine percent for the fiscal year 2015, along with the salary increase In FY2018, this will result in an overall increase of 10 percent for the financial year 2015, which will take effect this autumn at the beginning of the 2018 school year, and will increase by a further 5 percent in the next two years to reach a net increase of 20 percent by the 2020 school year

This plan is based on the proposal of the governor f, $ 371 million in additional district aid and additional charter support to invest over the next five years. An initial investment of $ 100 million will be made in the 2015 fiscal year. These dollars offer school districts flexibility in investing in resources, including setting up school infrastructure, curriculum modernization, school buses, and upgrading classroom technologies.

"Arizona teachers are the biggest differentiators in the lives of Arizona's children and we must reward them for their hard work – this plan does it through a 20 percent wage increase by the 2020 school year," said Governor Ducey. "We are also investing responsibly and sustainably in the Arizona classrooms, and we will never stop our commitment to improving the public education system in Arizona because when it comes to our children, we must never stop working for them." [19659020] For more details on this plan, click HERE.

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