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Grab the SOMA sci-fi horror adventure while it's completely free on PC

You Have Two Days

As part of the ongoing GOG Winter Sale, the digital storefront has begun to spend SOMA for free.

The game is not only an eerie time with nightmare creatures and a pinch of underwater fear, but it also has an impressive story about what it is to be a human. You really should play SOMA . If you're less scared and prefer to record in a low-stakes environment, Frictional Games offers a secure mode where roaming monsters will not hurt you. But they are still pretty scary.

Also, if you've played some of Frictional's earlier stuff like Amnesia: The Dark Descent and have not quite clicked, do not let that stop you. There are several types of experiences (and SOMA is on a different level.)

You have until 30 December at 3:00 am in the Pacific to give your free copy of SOMA to receive. 1

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