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Graham says Trump swam in Venezuela with military force

President Trump Donald John Trumpbillionaire investor says he would support Trump's primary challenger: Report Trump donates $ 0.000 off salary for alcoholism research As the government will reopen more seeks the idea of ​​using military forces in Venezuela Lindsey Graham Lindsey Olin GrahamHouse agrees to the reopening of the government and sends the bill to Trump Shutdown with no funding for Trump's Boundary Wall The Hill's Morning Report – McConnell says that Pence must be closed MORE (RS.C.) earlier this month.

Graham told Axios about the exchange and told the news agency that Trump had asked him what he thought about the use of military force in a nation where the US is pushing for regime change.

"Well, you have to go slow, that could be problematic," Graham recalls, as he said to Trump, according to Axios. Trump allegedly replied, "Well, I'm surprised you want to invade everyone."

"And I said," I do not want to invade anyone, I just want to use the military when it comes to our national security interests are threatened ", Graham told Axios.

Graham added that Trump is "really Hawkish" in Venezuela. However, Axios pointed out that there is no indication that the Trump government plans to invade the South American country.

Instead, the government appears to be pushing for regime change in the nation through diplomatic and economic pressure.

The report escalates tensions between US and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in the midst of a political crisis in the nation. Last week, the Trump government recognized Juan Guaidó, President of the Venezuelan National Assembly, as interim President of Venezuela.

Canada, the Organization of American States, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Colombia also advocated Guaido, having declared interim president last Wednesday. Election officials said Maduro won the recent elections, but many organizations consider the results unlawful.

Maduro has now sworn to stay in power and gave all US diplomats 72 hours to leave the country on Wednesday.

Guaidó told the Washington Post on Sunday that he had met with military and civilian officials to overthrow Maduro.

"We have held talks with government officials, civilians and the military," Guaidó told the Post. "This is a very sensitive issue that concerns personal safety. We meet with them, but discreetly. "

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