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Grand Canyon tourist falls while taking pictures; In Eagle Point, known for the Grand Canyon Skywalk, man falls 1,000 meters to his death

Grand Canyon West, Arizona. – Two people died in separate incidents in the Grand Canyon this week. Officials said in the last incident that a man stumbled over the edge of the edge while trying to take photos.

A helicopter lifted the body of the Hong Kong man Thursday afternoon from over 300 meters below the edge of the Eagle Point Observatory Grand Canyon West. The location is a popular tourist destination on the Hualapai Reservation outside the boundaries of the National Park, said spokesman David Leibowitz. The identity of the man was not published.

  Grand Canyon Fall
This 2007 photograph shows Skywalk hanging over the Grand Canyon.

Ross D. Franklin / AP

When the case took place on Thursday, there were few visitors to Eagle Point, a secluded spot best known for the Skywalk, a horseshoe-shaped glass bridge jutting out of the canyon wall, Leibowitz said. The edge has some projections and elevations, but no barrier between tourists and the edge.

The man, who was over 50 years old, took pictures when he stumbled and fell, Leibowitz said. Signs at Eagle Point warn the tourists to approach the edge. Leibowitz told CBS News that the man had not dropped out of Skywalk.

The area was closed for the day after the incident, Leibowitz said. He extended the tribes' prayers to the man's family.

The Hualapai Reserve covers an approximately 100-mile section of the Grand Canyon on the western edge.

Meanwhile, authorities in Grand Canyon National Park – about 95 miles east – were identifying a person who was considered a foreigner. A body was found Tuesday night in a forest area south of Grand Canyon Village outside the border, the park said.

The relatives of the person were not notified, and the cause of death is unclear, park attendant Vanessa Ceja-Cervantes said. The National Park Service and the local investigative office are investigating the investigation.

Last autumn, a travel blogger couple died in Yosemite National Park 800 feet to death. A photographer recently spotted her at the edge of a cliff.

A study found in a seven-year period died worldwide at 259 people when she took selfies. More than 70 percent were men, which the researchers said took more risks to get a dramatic shot.

"We always say the zoom button is your friend, so make sure you use this if you want to get a good photo of the canyon"

Technical giants have promoted a culture of selfies and social media is full of daring photos with great danger. The sturdy 277-mile Grand Canyon makes safety railing impossible in many areas.

Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US, attracting nearly 6.4 million visitors last year. The Grand Canyon West reaches about 1 million visitors annually.

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