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Granger Smith's wife Amber says she will never be the same after her son's death

Amber Smith, the wife of country singer Granger Smith, recently used social media to announce that she will "never be the same after the couple's young son dies." In an emotional post on Instagram, Smith shared photos of the 3-year-old River who died last month after an accidental drowning. The article also contained some Bible verses that helped Smith during this difficult time.

In her post, Smith wrote, "I miss my baby so much, people keep saying, 'You're so strong'." How are you? "I would not be able to get up." I am broken, my heart will never be like this, I will never be like that, yes, I have strong moments, but I cry, scream, ask and fall to my knees Get up and fight again. "

" I just want to share my journey with you all, because it will be a long journey, and if we can help at least one person get through it, it's worth it. It's mine Concern to be open about my feelings, beliefs and struggles, "she added.

"Anyone who suffers from a loss of any kind (and maybe I'm just trying to remember it here) – you can do that," Smith added, giving encouraging words to others who may have a painful loss suffer. "You can grieve and yet be strong for your family, your husband, and other children, lean in your weakness toward Him, and learn not to get beat up (like me) when you have a moment of rest Negative ones and focus on the light and the love. "

" Be kind to the people around you, before you decide to judge or tear down, always try to encourage or raise people, "she continued , "That person next to you, that car in front of you, this woman in the street, this man in your office, these kids in the store, you never know what trials they're facing."

"Thanks again, because you told me your loss stories and raised my family through prayers and encouragement, "Smith concluded. They are sometimes the reason for my strength and I am so thankful. "

A number of followers commented on the post and one person said," Thank you. When you tell the story of your journey, your thoughts remind me to focus on the essentials. "

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