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Gray wins consecutive starts, Yanks hold onto Mets 7-6

NEW YORK (AP) Aroldis Chapman blasted out, threw three of 19 pitches for the strikes and allowed the Mets to halve a four-run, nine-inning deficit.

Chasen Shreve to the rescue. Yes, Chasen Shreve

Maltegniert last month, Shreve went with the charged bases, got Devin Mesoraco to meet in a run-scoring, double-game grounder and retired Wilmer Flores on a slow scooter in front of the hill. With his second win of the season and his first victory since August 2016, Shreve recorded a 7: 6 victory in the Subway series on Saturday. This allowed Sonny Gray to win for the first time since taking office last summer in succession.

"He did not even sweat out there," astonished Aaron Richter.

On another tumult-filled day for the last-place Mets, closer Jeurys Familia was traded to Oakland for a pair of smaller leaguers and batting outfielder Yoenis Cespedes was out of line due to body aches, a game after returning from a two-month absence , Cespedes said he might need surgery on both heels on Friday night that would require a recovery of eight to ten months.

Judge married for the Yankees who trotted after Michael Conforto's solo home race, but raced against Steven Matz (4-8) with a four-run fourth, including Didi Gregorius, the triple, run-scoring double of Miguel Andujar (supported by fan interference) and Greg Bird and Austin Romine's RBI single. Mets midfielder Matt den Dekker made a poor route when he missed a diving backhand grip on Gregorius' Liner, who jumped to the fence, allowing Vogel's drive to deflect from his glove as he tried to run in the warning lane and Romines Bloper briefly jumped out of his glove during an attempted dive.

"It's hard when these balls are hit so hard, and you know the wind was moving out there," said Den Dekker, who has struck three times and is in 1

7 strikes with this season's flurry. Gray (7-7) is 11-14 in 30 starts since the Yankees acquired him from Oakland last July 31. He allowed three runs – two earned – three hits and three runs in 5 1/3 innings.

"I think that right now creates this consistent momentum. Where he succeeds, he starts and then builds on it, and hopefully that will be something that will continue to bless him," said manager Aaron Boone.

Gray has a 7.62 ERA in nine home starts this year and a 3.62 ERA in 10 road appearances

"For me, there was only one way to go, and that's it, I guess it could not get any worse "Gray said, adding that the key was not sitting on previous battles.

Gray took the lead 4: 1, David Robertson quit Amed Rosario's RBI single in the sixth round

Bird chased Matz with an RBI single in the bottom half, Judge scoring his 26th homer – and 18th At home – by a stormy wind in the seventh against Tim Peterson and Romine added a run-scoring grounder in the eighth.

For the first time in a week, Chapman reached just 98 mph – recurring questions about the health of his left knee. He ran Kevin Plawecki in full count, gave an infield hit to Rosario and consecutive four-pitch walks to pitch hitter Ty Kelly and Jose Reyes. Chapman hit Brandon Nimmo with a 2-0 pitch – his eleventh straight ball, and Boone called to Shreve, who had thrown 18 games on Friday in a 7-5 loss.

"There's not much to think about, it's just a bad day overall," Chapman said of a translator.

Mesoraco created a splinter for second baseman Brandon Drury, who stepped on the pocket and scored as Kelly. Flores fouled a 2: 2 slider and threw it on a splinter

"I do not know if I had time to get my adrenaline kick," Shreve said. "It was over," he added, flicking his fingers.

He had run in four of five appearances in mid-June, giving up three homers. This caused him to change the pitch selection.

"I'm just not so fragment-dependent, I threw my fastball more, my slider a bit," he said.

Matz lost his third start and posted five runs and nine hits in five plus innings.

"Things just were not hot," he said. "Everything was good."


Domingo Acevedo was recalled by the Yankees from Trenton and returned to double-A after the game. Acevedo, a 24-year-old right-hander, is 6-6 and has scored 3.25 ERA in 23 starts. He watched Netflix in his hotel room and thought at first that something was wrong when manager Jay Bell and coach Tim Tim Norton knocked on his door at about 11:00 pm. Friday in Binghamton. Acevedo called his mother in the Dominican Republic, and she also thought something was wrong at the late hour.


Mets punch coach Pat Roessler was ejected in the third inning by panel referee Larry Vanover for bickering from the dugout after a battered third strike on Reyes, and DH Asdrubal Cabrera was thrown by third-base referee Hunter Wendelstedt after he had thrown his bat when he was called on a tested swing with runners at the corners for the third of the fifth, then dropped from the dugout glove


Nimmo was hit twice, setting a Mets record at 15 This season, one more than Lucas Duda in 2015.


Yankees: 2B Gleyber Torres since he made an effort On the right hip on July 4, he was scheduled to begin an injury rehabilitation assignment on Saturday night with class A Tampa and return to Yankees on Wednesday in Tampa Bay [19659002] UP NEXT

RHP Jacob deGrom (5-4, 1.68) has the lowest ERA in the big leagues, starting for the Mets and RHP Masahiro Tanaka (7-2, 4.54) for the Yankees

– [19659002] More AP Baseball: https://apnews.com/tag/MLBbaseball

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