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Great flash floods, tornadoes expected overnight in the southern plains

  Heavy Rain and Tornado Threats Continue until Tuesday For Oklahoma and Texas
  • A greater risk of flash floods is expected from northwest Texas to Oklahoma, Kansas, West Missouri, and northwest Arkansas.
  • Strong tornadoes are possible from northwest Texas overnight into the southwest of Oklahoma.
  • The heavy storms also produce destructive hail and strong wind.

High flash floods and potentially strong tornadoes are expected overnight in the southern plains, posing a serious threat to life and property

Further heavy storms will also hit the plains, Midwest and South on Tuesday with damaging winds, Hail, threatening some tornadoes and flooded rain.

Now Happen

The NOAA's Storm Prediction Center has issued the following watch territories:

– A Tornado Watch valid until 10pm CDT for parts of West Texas, including Abilene, Childress, Lubbock and Midland.

– A tornado clock valid until 10 pm . CDT covers much of western and central Oklahoma and far in northwest Texas. This includes Oklahoma City, Norman and Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Wichita Falls, Texas.

– These watches are tornado watches with a particularly dangerous situation (PDS), which means that there is a high risk of strong tornadoes.

– A Tornado Clock is also in effect until 1 am for West and Central Arkansas, Southeast Kansas, Southwest Missouri, and East Oklahoma. This observation area includes Little Rock and Fort Smith, Arkansas, as well as Joplin and Springfield, Missouri.

– A heavy thunderstorm clock is in effect until 4am CDT for parts of the southern Missouri center.

] Current Radar, Watches, and Warnings

(Clocks and Warnings issued by the National Weather Service.)

Several tornadoes have landed from West Texas and Oklahoma to the southeast of Kansas and southwest Missouri. Close to Crescent, Oklahoma, two tornadoes were sighted simultaneously on Monday afternoon .

A tornado damaged early Monday night near Mangum, Oklahoma, including damaged homes and a residential complex, a ruined district building, and a torn building. Trees up. No injuries were reported.

[LATESTNEWS: Tornados land in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri

Tornados were also reported in Odessa, Texas, and Perry, Oklahoma, as well as Cherokee County , Kansas, and Barton County, Missouri.

A barn roof was demolished and twisted from the reported tornado in Perry, Oklahoma . The tornado in Barton County, Missouri, caused damage to homes and buildings and crashed power lines.

A tornado in Paducah, Texas was also one of the numerous eddies discovered by storm hunters on Monday.

In addition to the tornadoes in Wellington, Texas, hail up to grapefruit size (4 inches in diameter) was reported on Monday afternoon.

On Monday evening, floods affected several areas in the southern plains, including Fay, Glencoe and Ponca City, Oklahoma and Cowley County, Kansas, south of Wichita. In these areas, some local roads were closed.

Water rescue was required at Glencoe, with reports of water reaching the local police station in Ponca City.

Forecasting Overnight

Serious Menace

In the nighttime from northwest Texas to Oklahoma, parts of Kansas, West Missouri and Arkansas, heavy storms and pouring rain will continue. Tornadoes, destructive hail and damaging winds are likely in this region.

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Monday night prediction of severe thunderstorms

(In the map above, the probability of severe thunderstorms is high Note that not all categories apply to the storm risk on any particular day.)

Flash Flood Threats

Flash floods also pose Overnight poses a major threat in northwest Texas over Oklahoma and parts of Kansas, West Missouri, northwest Arkansas, and southeastern Nebraska.

A "High Risk." The NOAA's Weather Prediction Center (WPC) for the Central and northeastern Oklahoma, including Oklahoma City and Tulsa subway areas, as well as the extreme southeast of Kansas, where overnight travel is not recommended, has a deluge

The WPC Expec's "life-threatening flash flood " in parts of Oklahoma, southeast Kansas, and southwest Missouri overnight.

Precipitation totals of 3 to 6 inches are likely in a short time in parts of that region until early Tuesday morning. In some places, locally heavier sums of more than 15 cm are possible.

Tornadoes and other forms of storms can occur in flooded areas. In this case change to the lowest dry floor of your house or any other stable structure.

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Flood warnings and awakenings

(by the National Weather Service) [19659051] Tuesday Forecast

On Tuesday, there should be a strong area of ​​low pressure above the central levels.

This will bring the grave threat of a cold front from parts of Iowa, Missouri and Illinois to Arkansas, East Oklahoma and East Texas.

Dangerous thunderstorms, hailstorms, some tornadoes and flooding rain are possible in these areas on Tuesday. [19659018] Tuesday's Severe Thunderstorm Forecast

(The above chart shadows the likelihood of severe thunderstorms according to the NOAA's Storm Prediction Center.Note that not all categories apply to the storm risk on a given day.) [19659051] Severe Thunderstorms Weather Recap

Sunday, May 19

In Ville Platte, Louisiana, damage was reported early Sunday morning due to a possible short tornado. In East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the trees were also knocked down by heavy thunderstorms.

Scattered violent thunderstorms on Sunday afternoons and evenings caused damaging winds from the southern Great Lakes and Ohio Valley to the inner northeast. The strong gusts of wind knocked down trees and power lines in parts of these regions.

One of the strongest winds was a gust of 95 km / h in Milwaukee on Sunday afternoon. In parts of the state of Illinois in the southwest of the US state of Michigan and in the US state of Pennsylvania, several gusts of more than 60 miles per hour were reported.

A possible tornado hit near McAlester, Oklahoma, on early Saturday afternoon and threw a large tree on a house. Significant roof damage was reported.

Storms in the Metroplex Dallas / Fort Worth caused flash floods on early Saturday. Heavy rainfall has been reported on Interstate 30 and Montgomery in Fort Worth, where up to 3 inches of rain had fallen by Saturday noon.

A strongly rotating supercell thunderstorm swept through San Angelo, Texas, early Saturday morning, prompting employees of the National Weather Service to seek refuge as the rotation seemed to run north of the office. It then went to the city of San Angelo with an estimated population of 100,000. The storm produced an EF2 tornado.

In the Dove Creek subdivision, roofs of several houses were damaged and a building collapsed on Boys Ranch in the southwest of the city. According to the local fire department, numerous houses were damaged on the north side of the city.

This supercell was followed by drenched rain with precipitation rates of more than 1 inch per hour and reports of trapped vehicles according to SanAngeloLive.com in the floodwaters on Southwest Boulevard and near the campus of Angelo State University.

Another tornado raced through Abilene, Texas on early Saturday morning, destroying homes on the south side of the city. This tornado received a preliminary EF2 rating from the National Weather Service.

A large tornado landed in Runnels County northeast of San Angelo a few hours later on Saturday morning and hit the town of Ballinger and damaged homes, the high school, a water tower and a ballpark, according to local law enforcement agencies. Torrential rain then led to a flood of houses in the city.

The tornado apparently continued in Coleman County, where a church roof in Silver Valley, about 35 miles southeast of Abilene, Texas, was damaged.

EF2 Tornado landed in Comanche County, Oklahoma, near Geronimo. According to an emergency manager of the district, two houses were destroyed and one person injured.

Floods were also a serious problem in parts of Oklahoma.

It is reported that at least one vehicle in Oklahoma City flooded with water up to the windows of the vehicle. Spencer, east of the city, reported 2.30 inches of rain in the early afternoon. At least a few vehicles were flooded in Lawton, Oklahoma, and had to be rescued.

Friday, May 17

There were 38 reports on Tornados Friday The exact number of actual Tornados is not known at this time.

A tornado landed near the Nebraska-Kansas border and then migrated northeast to near McCook, Nebraska, as EF2 force with wind speeds of up to 120 miles per hour ] early Friday evening , Northwest of the city at least one house, several grain containers and several outbuildings were damaged. The supercell later produced a pair of EF1 tornadoes near Farnam and near Cozad, Nebraska on Interstate 80, causing damage to the city's cemetery.

Another tornado damaged two houses near the cities of Bloom and Windhorst, Kansas, south and east of Dodge City. A motorhome was overturned near Windhorst.

Greetings, Sedgwick, Colorado, with a diameter of up to 3 inches. Thunderstorms blew out a window and damaged a garage door in Schleicher County, Texas, and overturned a caravan, injuring an RV in Scioto County, Ohio.

In some areas there were also problems with flooding. Up to 2 feet of water-flooded streets in Brookings, South Dakota, Friday night.

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