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Great last-minute Father's Day gifts for 2019

All you spouse, sons and daughters: Do not hesitate. Father's Day is only three days away, which means you have little time to make your purchasing decisions.

Fortunately, many stores are positioned to provide last-minute customer support. Of course, Amazon Prime subscribers can receive a two-day delivery on most of the items – possibly even a one-day delivery, which theoretically gives you time to get a gift by Friday.

In the meantime, Walmart is offering a free two-day shipping for orders over $ 35, and there is always the pickup option in the store.

Below I have summarized a few gift ideas for Father's Day for which you still have time. And if you trade fast, you may still have time to choose from Cheapskate's Best Father's Day Gifts .

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Bosch GLM20 Compact Laser Distance Measure: 29.97 USD (Save 20 USD)

Available at Amazon


A Must For Every father's toolbox replaces the GLM20 with this chunky old tape measure with laser-controlled precision. The operation is very easy – there is only one button – and the price is lower than ever.

Looking for another tool gift? Lowe & # 39; s offers the Bosch Freak 18 Volt Cordless Impact Driver for $ 89 – a savings of 40%. It may be in stock at your local store, which makes it a real last-minute option.

See Amazon

How do you see the world? Card Game: 20 USD (save 5 USD) with code

Available at Amazon

Authentic Agility

Ever wish you had a better idea of ​​what makes daddy tick? Get him this card game – and play it with him! It's a simple card that encourages discussion about ideas, perspectives and how to see the world. It's usually US $ 25, but CNET readers can save US $ 5 with the promo code CNET2019 .

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Eachine E019 Stunt Drone: $ 21 (save $ 14) with code

Available at Amazon [19659020] Eachine

Get father this drone. Serious. It's ridiculously cool and comes with a paraglider-type who can parachute or on top of that like a kind of crazy flying skateboarder. It is usually sold for $ 35, but you can secure a solid discount with the promo code ZV4YT927 .

I have. I flew it. It is an explosion. Dad will love it.

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Firstleaf Wine Club: The first six bottles for $ 40 (save $ 39) and one year free shipping.


Dad loves wine, but you probably do not have time to choose the best red mixes or summer whites. Fortunately, Firstleaf offers expert curating, depending on Papa's preferences, and then delivers six different bottles to try. This can be done at regular intervals (every one to three months) or only once.

The first delivery costs only $ 40. Subsequent will be $ 79. In both cases, shipping is free if you use our link below. And while the first box does not arrive on time for Father's Day, you simply hand over a bottle of wine to dad to present the gift that comes. Easy peasy.

See Firstleaf

Omars Beast 26,800 mAh Portable Charger with AC Adapter: 63 USD (Save 37 USD) with Code

Available at Amazon


Is Daddy Consuming No More Juice For His Phone? Laptop? Nintendo Switch? All of the above? This "beast" of a portable power bank can charge them all and a few more. Use the code 6EU9D2TR at checkout to get this exclusive discount.

See Amazon

Nikka Coffey Malt Whiskey: $ 55 and up

Available from Drizly


Whatever Dad's Libation You can also have it delivered the same day through Drizly's local liquor stores cooperates. This particular whiskey is one that I suddenly hear everywhere it's mentioned, but it's just one example of the kind of spirit one can get for dear old dad.

See at Drizly

Apple Watch: $ 199 and up [19659008] Available at Amazon and Walmart


When dad owns an iPhone, the Apple Watch is the perfect companion. It manages messaging, heart rate monitoring, training tracking and much more. Oh, yes, it also indicates the time.

The current price is $ 199 for the Apple Watch Series 3 38 mm (with black or white sports strap) or the slightly larger 42 mm model for $ 229. Use the following link to go to Walmart's product page. However, you can also buy the Apple Watch series for $ 199 on Amazon.

You can arrange this gift by adding something like a Milanese watch band for $ 12. While you're at it, check out all the other cheap Apple Watch accessories you can get for Dad

Ben Fox Rubin / CNET

It's not even Prime Day, and Amazon already has one of the best echoes in the world. Deals that ever existed. Priced at $ 65, the full-size Smart Speaker is a whopping 35% off. Of course dad does not need to know that. He'll just know that you got him an attractive, good-sounding speaker with Alexa-Smarts.

This price is good for all three fabric reference colors. You can also purchase one of the wooden surfaces for another $ 20.

See Amazon

Amazon Echo Review

Tickets to a Space of Flight: $ 30 per Person

Available Online and Online

Zsolt Dobak, licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Dreams are a blast and should address the enigmatic nature of every father. Bring a group with you and try to find all the clues and solve all the puzzles before the time runs out.

Most rooms are themed – mad scientists, Cold War spies, zombies running amok and so on – and tickets usually run around $ 30 per person. Below I've added a link to the national chain Escape the Room, but you can also click on Groupon and you should find packages for any number of rooms in your area. Even better, call the company directly and ask if they will give you the same offer they are promoting on Groupon. It's a much better option for them, and you still get a discount. Wivic

With the Lightning connector on one end and the USB / Micro-USB hybrid connector on the other end, this high-performance drive can be used with just about any device that is Papa's owner. There is even a USB-C adapter for its latest and best hardware.

The price of $ 21.93 is yours when you click on the 5% discount on-page voucher and then apply the coupon code BWD3ZF88 at checkout.

See Amazon

CBS All Access Gift Card: 25 USD and up

Available at Walmart


Overall Playing nepotism, here. (CNET is owned by CBS.) But that does not change the fact that Dad would almost certainly enjoy new shows like Star Trek: Discovery, The Good Fight and The Twilight Zone, as well as a huge collection of old shows like MacGyver and Taxi.

A $ 25 gift card is eligible for four full months of service ($ 5.99 per month, limited advertising).

See Walmart

In this section you will get more last minute gifts Ideas for Father's Day are approaching!

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