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Milan: Getting younger in Electric Ice Skates | world

The city of Milan announced three days for skid-hiring companies to remove them from the city's streets and sidewalks. However, just a month ago, the Department of Transportation issued new regulations for their use within the urban structure2 [19659]. ] Vice Chancellors for Security Anna Scavuço and Transport Marco Granelli have ordered to remove electric ice skates from the streets of Milan until the municipality prepares and publishes a tender for the contract. To rent them and to affix the corresponding inscriptions with the legally prescribed instructions for use and prohibitions.

According to the municipality, not only the electric ice-skate rental companies were licensed but their services refused permission

There are currently seven electric ice-hire companies in the Italian metropolis, but there are also many citizens who bought their own ice skates to have.

According to the rules applicable to the experimental regime of this type of transport, their use is permitted and prohibited only in pedestrian areas and at speeds not exceeding 6 km / h.

Electric ice skates are still on the roads and in forbidden areas, and according to the Milanese media, an accident has already been registered in which a skater pulled a pedestrian. Who is hospitalized with multiple fractures? The prosecution also intervened in the case, which ordered an investigation into the legality of the operation of skate companies.

This summer, electric ice skates have become an increasingly popular means of transport in many European cities. Many prefer it as a means of transport, also as a means of transport. However, their use has led to a number of urban network traffic problems, as high speeds (50 km / h) have proven to be dangerous for pedestrians on sidewalks and roads, as drivers call them "wedges". "Between cars and engines. Only in the last few days was a young man killed in Paris, 30, when he was stopped by a motorcycle.

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