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Greg Hardy earns the first UFC victory after TKO by Dmitrii Smoliakov

The UFC clearly wanted to put Greg Hardy in the limelight, despite the shameful former NFL star on Saturday in the co-main event in Sunrise, Florida (USA), He was 0-1 in promotion with only four professional fights. And in the end, the spotlight's appearance did not make him visible as a newcomer to heavy attacks, since thanks to his agility and power ̵

1; especially that power – he quickly provided Dmitrii Smoliakov for his first UFC victory.

Hardy The Russian wrestler, a former training partner at American Top Team in South Florida, used a crisp right upper section to swarm at 2:15 on lap 1 for the TKO finish.

Same as last time, "said Hardy, who had lost his UFC debut in January by disqualifying for an illegal knee in front of his grounded opponent." Do not accelerate, let the shots count. "

Hardy, a one-time pro-bowl defensive player, was sentenced by the NFL team after 2014 for attacking a woman and communicating threats, and even after the conviction was overturned on appeal, no team came to visit This, however, when she invited Hardy to participate in Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series last year, where he won two fights in the round of the last sixteen to secure a place on the roster rankings.

His debut did not go as planned However, 36-year-old Smoliakov (9-3), who had lost his two previous UFC bouts by interruption, made it before he hit the big stroke that was the beginning of the end.

Every day I'm getting better, "said Hardy. "Every month I become more violent, nastier in the Octagon, more modest and peaceful, I'm just coming to see me, I love this sport."


0:33 [19659011] Greg Hardy sends Dmitrii Smoliakov on the screen with a right uppercut in the first round. More UFC actions can be found at plus.espn.com/ufc.[19659012PerryleadsthedanceinthehitparadewithOliveiraan

Alex Oliveira danced his way to the Octagon and "Platinum" Mike Perry danced while waiting for him inside. Then the two worldweights from the cage morphed into an octagonal mosh box that went through all three rounds of all hits, with Perry most of the time one step ahead to reach a unanimous decision.

It was a much-needed victory for Perry (13: 4), who had lost three of his previous four fights. During the second round, he took the lead when he brought Oliveira to the cage on the mat and triggered extensive land stamps. When Oliveira finally got back on his feet, he put out a toe as the round ended.

The fight continued, however, and Perry led the dance in Round 3 as well. He fought skillfully, switching hands with Oliveira (19-7-1, 2 NC) while varying his attack angles. At one point, Oliveira stood with her back to the cage, beckoning Perry in, and "Platinum" forced himself to land several blows, including one that split the guard and pulled Oliveira's head back while the crowd "Perry! Perry! Perry! "

All three judges scored between 29 and 28



Mike Perry kills Alex Oliveira with a series of blows to the cage. More UFC promotions can be found at plus.espn.com/ufc.[19659012noTeixeirapickedupasubmitwin

Glover Teixeira resisted an early attack on the mighty Ion Cutelaba and eventually battled against the lightweight heavyweight by stomping before the fight is put on the mat in the second round. From there, the 39-year-old set his Brazilian black Jiu-Jitsu belt to reach the finish at 3:37 of the round.

Teixeira (29-7) won his second place straight fight – this is the first time since 2016 – after being rocked in the first round by Cutelaba, who was faster on the road and with his punches. The 25-year-old Moldovan (14-4, 1 NC), who came from two KOs in the first round, could not finish the job and his attacks were noticeably slower. That allowed Teixeira, a one-time title challenger, to re-learn his mind and direct the dance like his veteran.



Glover Teixeira and Ion Cutelaba strike big bouts in Battle Nights in their fight for the UFC. To get more UFC promotions, go to plus.espn.com/ufc.[19659012$SandhagendeservesadecisionforthebiggestUFCvictory

Cory Sandhagen played Matador for John Lineker's bullials for about 14 minutes, 45 seconds into Bantamweight Bout Brazil's one last try to win his third UFC victory – and the biggest in the promotion – by split-decision.

Sandhagen (11: 1) won his sixth place in a It was not easy against the strong Lineker (31-9), who was seventeenth in the ESPN ranking at 135 pounds. Lineker, who had won eight of his last nine, gave up eight inches in height, which resulted in a significant reach disadvantage, which Sandhagen exploited to his advantage. However, smooth movements and attacks from all angles were also part of the winning formula for the emerging perspective in a fight that deserves the parallel billing of major events under all circumstances.



Cory Sandhagen is able to withstand a submission attempt by John Lineker in the third round on the way to a split-decision victory.

Roberts remains unbeaten with Smart Decision victory

Roosevelt Roberts had moments of explosiveness, tearing Thomas Gifford's head back with punch combinations several times during the easy bout, but his best weapon was patience at a unanimous decision-making win who brought his record to 8-0.

The 25-year-old, who grew up in nearby Hollywood, Florida, had to contend with the Granit Chin and the unorthodox game of Gifford (17-8, 2 NC), who ended his five-strong winning streak in his UFC debut , Gifford came in with 13 submissions and was active from below each time he was knocked down. But Roberts, who had won all his previous bouts by interruption, was wise not to open himself to submarines and remained in control while all three judges scored all three rounds in his favor.


0: 32

Roosevelt Roberts makes big strikes in his fight against Thomas Gifford at the UFC Fight Night. To see more UFC action, go to plus.espn.com/ufc.[19659012yesSatobecommtTKOanUFCdebut[1965111]Takashi Sato made his UFC debut a huge hit, which capped Ben Saunders with a perfectly perfect left hand and trailed him with a flood of punches and elbows on the canvas to reach the TKO at 1:18 of the second round.

Sato (15-2), a 28-year-old who had previously fought in the Pancrase promotion in England His native Japan won for the seventh time in their last eight games. His last six wins were won by knockout. Sato's precision on his feet made it a disappointing night for Saunders (22-12-2), who lost his third straight at the edge of his Fort Lauderdale hometown.

Sakai handed over victory over Arlovski's decision

Augusto Sakai is not used to having his fights judged by cage-based judges as he came under Andrei Arlovski in the heavyweight bout with 10 knockouts under his 12 wins. The 27-year-old Brazilian (13-1-1), however, has reason to like scorecards after two of the three judges met in his own way, even though he was beaten up by the 40-year-old Arlovski, who had fined all the bouts was hit for a long time. According to UFC Stats Arlovski had in significant strikes the upper hand against Sakai 75-42.

For Sakai it was his fourth win in a row, his second victory in the Octagon. Arlovski (27-18, 2 NC), a former UFC champion, is successful in his last four fights without a win, although he has held most of the three rounds.



Augusto Sakai counters Andrei Arlovskis Kicks her face in her heavyweight bout. To see more UFC actions, go to plus.espn.com/ufc.[19659012★EsparzaHandsUFC-NeulingJandirobaersterCarrierDamage

Carla Esparza trusted her wrestling, even against a fighter who came away with 11 entries in 14 wins her, Una debutante Virna Jandiroba by unanimous decision to leave her first career defeat.

Esparza (14-6), the first UFC world light-strawweight champion, ended a duel defeat by relentlessly taking the fight off the canvas, reversing the position as it was torn down, and resorting to threats to dismantle, to initiate their strike. One judge gave her all three rounds, while the other two scored 29-28.

Jandiroba (14-1) is a former Invicta strawweight, as is Esparza.


0:31 [19659011] Carla Esparza and Virna Jandiroba compete in the UFC Fight Night against Takedowns. For more UFC actions, visit plus.espn.com/ufc.[19659012(BurnsdownPatient_Ground_Game_19659048] Gilbert Burns greeted Mike Davis in the UFC, who was not so hospitable, and brought him both on the canvas and second Rounds that controlled him with punches and submission threats and patiently awaited the opening for a goal he received at 4:15 of the second round over motionless bare throws.

Burns (15-3), a four-time Brazilian jiu Jitsu World Champion, who had confidence in his baseline game, did not hurry things up in the lightweight bout, and Davis (7-2), his UFC debut, did it until Burns scored his third victory in his last four bouts.



Gilbert Burns lands two takedowns on the way to a bare choke template by Mike Davis.

Methodical Miller wins by submission

Jim Miller had the whole family – his Wife and his four children – in the first row at Cageside, so you knew he would not disappoint. He just did what Daddy does. He went to work. The 35-year-old, who lost five out of six while being devastated by Lyme disease, put Jason Gonzalez on the screen at his first opportunity and finished it off quickly with a nude choke 2:12 in the first round.

For Miller (30-13, 1 NC) it was a record 32nd UFC appearance and his 19th victory in the promotion, fifth of all time. The submission was its eighth lightweight UFC, more than any other 155-pounder. He drove through Gonzalez (11: 5) to takedown and completed the choke with fluent efficiency.

"I know what I'm good at," he later said.


2:00 [19659011] Lightweight UFC Jim Miller gives a motivational interview to people who deal with Lyme disease after his win over Jason Gonzalez.

Hill finishes dueling defeat decisively

This was a meeting of two fighters involved in losing series It was obvious from the beginning that Jodie Esquibel stormed in anger and Angela Hill did not hold back anything big Unleash counterstrikes. And while Hill was touched a little, her flowing movement and her precise beating destroyed Esquibel and brought her the unanimous decision victory, finishing a duel sled.

Hill (9-6), who had fought only last month. The rhythm dropped to the rhythm of the thugs and in the third round she could not miss it. Esquibel (6-5) bore evidence of these blows on her bruised and battered face, but came to the end. It was her third defeat in a row.

Two judges scored the fight 30-27 and the other had 29-28.



Angela Hill reappears with the unanimous decision victory after covering the track with Jodie Esquibel.

Dhiego Lima launches Counter-Punch Display

. Court McGee dropped Dhiego Lima with a big right hand and the fight was over. Unfortunately, the fight for McGee did not end with a knockout, but with the horn of the third round, and his knockdown proved too little, too late in the eyes of two judges, as Lima won a split decision.

Lima (14 -7), two-time finalist in The Ultimate Fighter, won the TUF 11 champion with a strong rival. These left-hands have been unable to stop the progress of the increasingly aggressive McGee (19-8), but they allow the Brazilian welterweight to keep their distance and win their second straight win.

One judge scored the fight between 30 and 27 for Lima, while the other two had 29-28, one for each fighter.



Dhiego Lima comes up with a split-decision victory against Court McGee to win back-to-back wins.

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