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Greta Gerwig debuts with rich first pictures – / film

  Little Women Look At First Glance

Christmas has come early for fans of Louisa May Alcott the classic coming-of-age novel that produced countless screen adaptions and legions of lifelong fans. But no matter how often the story is told of four sisters who grew up in America after the Civil War, little women will always feel undeniably fresh. This is all the more true as Greta Gerwig leads a series of emerging talents and award-winning stars in the upcoming adaptation Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet . As if the cast ̵

1; and the prospect of a Lady Bird reunion – could not upset us enough, the debut of the first Little Women pictures looks spectacular.

Little Women First Look

Vanity Fair debuted with the first images from the highly anticipated adaptation of Greta Gerwig Little Women and featured Ronan and Timothée Chalamet as Jo March and Theodore "Laurie" Laurence as well The remaining sisters played in March by Sharp Objects Breakout Eliza Scanlan (Beth), Emma Watson (Meg) and Midsommar & # 39; ; s Florence Pugh (Amy). Laura Dern also appears as a gloomy-looking March matriarch, probably considering the prospect that the father of the March Sisters ( Bob Odenkirk ) will be kept out of the war. The minor cast also includes Meryl Streep as the rich Aunt March.

The first image shows Ronan and Chalamet as Jo and Laurie, two childhood friends whose close relationship is the central theme of the story. They will take on the roles most recently played by Winona Ryder and Christian Bale, who broke the hearts of audiences in 1994 Little Women . But based on this image of how Ronan and Chalamet look ridiculously handsome while wearing coats and ties, the new Little Women could even surpass the love of the '90s movie. This androgynous costuming touch was Gerwig's intention-she explains to Vanity Fair that costume designer Jacqueline Durran has switched the couple throughout the movie-and a new, modern reading of Jo and Laurie's oft-discussed relationship. "Jo is a girl with a boy name, Laurie is a boy with a maiden name," Gerwig told Vanity Fair. "In a way, they are the twins of the other."

She explained, "They find themselves before they commit to sex, and it would not be wrong to call Saoirse pretty and beautiful to Timothée, who both have a slightly androgynous quality that makes them perfect for these characters." [19659008] This sort of interpretation makes Gerwig's new take on Little Women so exciting, even though the cast of Emma Watson as Meg and Florench Pugh as older Amy give me a break, Watson looks great in those pictures, though her acting in the final roles leaves a lot to be desired, while Pugh's casting may speed up the arc of an already splitting figure, but aside from concerns, these images look fantastic and have left me just delighted.

Little Women will open in theaters on December 25, 2019.

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