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Groyper War: Why did Alt-Right trolls shout down Donald Trump Jr.?

A group of old-right and "dissident-right" activists have teamed with neo-Nazis and other extreme right-wing groups to attack conservatives who they believe are neither online nor personally genuine conservatives.

For example, members of this group debated Donald Trump Jr. on Sunday in California. And conservative speakers were also harassed at events in Texas, Tennessee, and Arizona by the "people of Cyprus."

This group, called the "Groyper Army" – "Groyper" is a reference to a meme by Pepe the Frog, itself a remnants of the Old Right meme ̵

1; claims to support "traditional values" within conservatism, like immigration restrictionism. And it is argued that relatively conservative student groups such as Turning Point USA must be confronted because they exclude "socially conservative Christians and proponents of President Trump's agenda" and promote "degeneration" by having gay speakers.

This "Groyper Army" targets what she calls the "Conservative Inc," a collective led by conservative speakers such as Ben Shapiro, founder of Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk, MP Dan Crenshaw the conservative writer Jonah Goldberg and even Trump Jr and conservative student organizations such as Turning Point USA and Young Americans for Freedom.

Aside from the kind of interjection Trump faces, the network's tactics tend to focus on providing speakers with specific and very important questions about Israel, immigration, and LGBTQ issues within conservatism To find answers that reveal the spokesman's "false conservatism". . "" Real conservatism "is defined essentially as an emphasis on ethnic and racial characteristics as determinants of immigration coupled with an isolationist foreign policy and a" traditional "attitude to LGBTQ issues. These tactics have been supported by some right-wing mainstream experts advocating extreme immigration restrictions, such as Michelle Malkin.

In reality, the "Groyper Army" is simply the old law of 2016 and 2017, warmed up, re-activated, and given a new terminology that aims to break away from the "optics" problem posed by the huge failure of "Unite the Right" caused by 2017 rally that ended with the murder of a young woman. Their leaders and advocates are racists and deniers of the Holocaust, their billboards rave about the man who made the mass shootings in Christchurch, and the questions she poses to conservative speakers are based on anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and "white genocide" fears.

One source told me about a Turning Point USA event hit by "the people of the Greater Crime": "I did not know there were so many racists." "Groyper Army" targeted Turning Point USA events, one with Donald Trump Jr. at UCLA and another with Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) in the US state of Arizona.

According to one source, the earlier event was intended to be a brief interview conducted by Kirk, followed by a signing of Trump Jr.'s new book .

But the Groyper Army That Made It About a third of the audience overwhelmed the senior Advisor of the Trump, Jr. and Trump campaign, Kimberly Guilfoyle, shouting loudly and demanding a Q & A session (The above video came from the Twitter Account of a supporter of the "Groyper Army".)

Rep. Dan Crenshaw was another target of the Groyper Army this weekend. At an event in the State of Arizona entitled, "Prove to me that I was wrong. Dan Crenshaw, a member of the congress, "at which Crenshaw answered questions from an audience, Crenshaw was asked a series of questions, which he later emailed to me" almost exclusively to Israel. " 19659013] "The basic nature of their questions was to ask a question that at first glance seems like a legitimate political difference that is in doubt," Crenshaw said. "But then what becomes clear – and there are hints along the way – that motivations are deeper and darker than their original question stated."

One of these questions is about the USS Liberty. As the BuzzFeed news reporter Ellie Hall said in 2018:

The USS Liberty is a dog whistle referring to an incident in 1967 in which Israeli troops fired on the US spy ship and 34 killed war. As a result, Israel said that its pilots had considered the ship an Egyptian ship and apologized – the government eventually paid $ 6.7 million in compensation to the survivors and relatives of the dead. Since then, there are unproven conspiracy theories about the circumstances that call into question whether the attack was intentional. Both the Israeli and US governments have claimed it was an identity error.

The USS Liberty is now an anti-Semitic meme, arguing that the Israeli government is indeed an enemy of the United States of America that the country should not receive US funding. And members of the Groyper Army were asked online to ask TPUSA spokespeople for the USS Liberty and other anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, such as the "Dancing Israelis" accusing Israel of originating the Sept. 11 attacks and five Israeli nationals "Danced" while watching.

You pose these questions in the hope of creating viral content from the answers such as this video of a Turning Point USA event on October 21 at Grand Canyon University.

According to the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer, she counters with speakers of It's good enough to express only certain conspiracy theories. It encourages readers who attend Turning Point USA events who are unsure of their attempts to ask questions: "If you are pulled out [by security]call" GOOGLE THE USS LIBERTY "or" GOOGLE DANCING ISRAELIS "or" AMERICA FIRST NOT ISRAEL FIRST "or just" NICK FUENTES. "

About the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer, November 7, 2019.

Nick Fuentes and" America First "

The Army of Groyper becomes partially or at least symbolic led by Nick Fuentes, a 22-year-old former conservative radio host and "Unite the Right" participant who hosted a YouTube show called "America First."

A former ally of white nationalist Richard Spencer and a friend of white nationalists Patrick Casey and Vincent Foxx, Fuentes, have attempted to disguise his views by arguing in the news service telegram that "America First" is a "traditionalist, Christian, ko native, reformist, American-nationalist "movement, while the old-rights were" racist "and" transnational ". "

But this is pure semantics, as Fuentes is a white nationalist and avowed anti-Semite who described Daily Wire writer Matt Walsh as a" traitor to the Shabbos Goy races "because he lives in El Paso, Texas In fact, Fuentes said in an interview with a French Canadian white nationalist that the only reason he did not call himself a white nationalist was that "this kind of terminology almost In a sense, it is almost superfluous to be a "white" nationalist, and we know that the word "nation" almost implicitly speaks of ethnicity and biology, "Fuentes said

In a series of videos deleted from his YouTube account in late October, Fuentes argues (using a thinly veiled meta pher, in which black Americans are referred to as "blackboards" and white Americans as "whiteboards"), that "America First" is not America First, if it's not 100 percent whiteboard, "and he's a" whiteboard nationalist. "

In another video, he pleads for segregation and Jim Crow, arguing, "Even if it was bad, who cares? He also described a cook Brothers as the "White Race Enemy" and his reaction to the El Paso shootings were: "The most difficult way for the Mexicans in Wal-Mart to get shot is when they are not here."

Turning Point USA, which had previously been exposed to racist behavior, broke off cooperation with brand ambassador Ashley St. Clair, who was photographed with Fuentes and in October Fuentes was given access to an event on Politicon denied, the annual nonpartisan conference with Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA.

A source told me that it was the organization's decision to cut ties with St. Clair, which led to Fuentes' struggle with the organization and to a multitude of resignations from chapters of members doing more with Fuentes & # 39; Worldview agreed. In fact, one source told me that Turning Point USA has decided to break up a chapter of the organization at Kansas State University and said, "Turning Point has a very specific big tent message," to which Fuentes and his followers do not belong. He said the organization mostly welcomed the resignations with "Do not let the door slam".

But he added that Fuentes is not trying to tear down only Turning Point USA: "He wants to burn Conservative Inc. down."

The War for Campus Conservatism

The battle for the Groyper Army is not just about college campuses. It's about the future of conservatism and what that future should look like when the Groyper Army tries to make itself, as Ben Shapiro put it in a speech that focused on the alt-right of last week, the "heirs of Conservatism ", concentrated.

And yes, this future starts in college. Conservative groups and conservative concepts have long since begun in university campuses, ranging from the Young Americans for Freedom to the Sharon Statement in the 1960s to TPUSA's "Trigger the Libs" style.

There are basically two ways.

For Rep. Crenshaw, "Conservative principles are not exclusive, and I firmly believe that the Republican Party must continue to grow." But in the opinion of Fuentes, that is not true – conservatism must be white, Christian and heterosexual. His telegram account read: "America is NOT a meaningful nation. We have NO ALLEGIANCE for Israel. We are Christians and do not promote degeneration. The demographic replacement is REAL and will be CATASTROPHIC.

And Fuentes and his army believe that they are the true conservatives and the true heirs of conservatism, the last true defenders of what they consider Trumpism to actually stand against the "unelected" face of Trumpism Kirk and other experts. While Charlie Kirk and others maintain close ties with the White House, Fuentes and the Groyper Army believe that he and similar individuals betray Trump by allowing LGBTQ conservatives in the movement and advocating legal immigration.

Or, as a neo-Nazi Andrew Stormer, editor of Daily Stormer, said, "We want Donald Trump to do what he promised. Kirk and all these other Schills and Jews are traitors to the revolution. They have joined Trump to drive a large-scale corporate, homosexual, Zionist and globalist agenda.

In a statement, Young Americans for Freedom spokesman Spencer Brown told me his organization considered the Groyper Army " to promote disgusting views that contradict the core beliefs of conservatism in the sanctity and equality of each individual. "

But that's the problem for Fuentes and his Groyper army.

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