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Guy spends three years creating an ultra-realistic LED candle that even smokes when blown out

Candle technology has not changed much for thousands of years – you add fire to a wick soaked in wax and provide hours of light. It's simple and effective, and no upgrade is required. Of course, someone on the Internet has been redesigning the candle from scratch with digital courage for three years – and managed to preserve the ease of use of the old school.

In order to meet Keith out of Keith's Test Garage, he did not give up all of Waking Moment the past three years, obsessively training and perfecting his candle. It was a low-priority side project, which he occasionally returned to when he needed a fun distraction. The attention to detail and the realistic functionality of the digital candle testify to how long the production lasted.

Powered by Arduino Pro Mini is hidden in a glass container and camouflaged with real wax. The candle uses six independent LEDs, which are highly randomized so that they flicker and adjust their brightness at random. The overall effect is that of a real flame hopping around.

However, this was the simpler part as there is currently no shortage of credible LED based candles on the market. Keith took a few steps further by first adding a carefully calibrated infrared sensor that could detect the presence of a lit match when inserted into the candle. This allowed the LEDs to be lit just like a real candle. The best feature, however, is a glass fiber wick impregnated with glycerine, which produces a quick smoke with a few volts. It is triggered by a microphone that detects when someone blows on the candle, so not only do the LEDs go off, but the candle also produces a satisfactory trace of smoke that deviates.

It's exaggerated, yes, and over the top for just to see if it was even possible. However, if you want to add a little bit of atmosphere to your home without burning the risk of it going down, this is essentially the haze of candles that will surely give you the mood-enhancing effect.

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