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Gwen Stefani gushes about her sweet Blakey Shelton: You've changed my life

Gwen Stefani smiled radiantly as she honored her "sweet" handsome Blake Shelton whom she named "Blakey" while talking about her family and career when she launched her new one Las Vegas Residence

The 48-year-old singer gave her first Just a Girl concert at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino at the Zappos Theater on Wednesday and brought her kids, her brother and her with niece and of course her Beau. She and Shelton, 42, have been together for more than two and a half years.

"He's my homeboy, he's my homely, he's just really an amazing all-rounder, so I'm so thankful for that," Stefani said to ABC News Good Morning America in an interview that aired on Friday. "I celebrate him on the show, He inspired me so much, He changed my life, I said, 'You changed my show, you changed my life.' Such an inspiration."

Stefani Only One Girl Residency marks her first concert series ever since she's her This Feels The Truth As Tour ends in October 201


"I'm so good at making my kids and like them, make Mom, and like them with my sweet Blakey and all that, but then, when I get up there, I realize it's still there and I say : "Okay, I still need that attention. I like it," she said. "It was always there. It is the gift God has given me and I feel so grateful and honored and honored to be in Las Vegas. For such a show it's just a level and it's challenging in a different way. "

Shelton recently said in an interview with NBC Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist that his and Stefan's bond is getting stronger every day.

In 2016, Shelton told CMT, "I tell people all the time, Gwen saved my life last year, she did it and I think she probably would tell you something similar about me. We did not really know each other that well. Even the first season in which Gwen was was a [ The Voice [] I never really got to know her so well, "he said." Suddenly, this thing just happened because of things, things that we went through. Saved my life, period. "

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