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Gwen Stefani tells Blake Shelton that this candidate is "our little girl"

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have interesting dynamics in The Voice . They compete against each other with their teams. But they support each other a lot because they are in a relationship.

Stefani was very vocal about wanting to work with a young girl this season. She unexpectedly got her wish. Find out who this candidate is and how she told Shelton that the singer is "our little girl".

Gwen Stefani has previously compared two candidates with her relationship with Blake Shelton.

Stefani and Shelton were busy looking after candidates this season. The Voice . Sometimes their relationship appears during the practice sessions.

That was the case when Stefani brought Royce Lovett and Kiara Brown together for The Battles. She noticed how different they were from each other, with Brown being "super clean" and Lovett "dirty evil."

"It's like me and Blake," she said. "We do not seem like we're going together, but we're a perfect match." Shelton seems to agree with his recent comments.

"If you thought the cover of the People magazine was shocking, my and Gwen's relationship is probably the biggest head-scratcher," he joked in the podcast by Martina McBride, Vocal Point according to People. [1

9659003] Stefani called Joana Martinez her little girl.

Joana Martinez was in Shelton's team before, but he separated from her during the knockouts and Stefani decided to steal her, telling her why she was upset with Martinez

"Every time I'm in this show, I really want to work with a young girl," Stefani said on the show. "Joana is my talented 15-year-old who I stole from Blake Everyone in their live shows has to watch out for them. "

Martinez played" You Can not Stop the Girl "during the live playoffs, and Shelton had something to say about her performance. 1965900 2] "I knew this would happen and I'm happy for you," he told the teenager. "I'm glad I'm sorry to ever let you go, I've done some stupid things in my life, that could be one of the dumbest things I've ever done."

As Stefani at the Row was to talk, she said, "Blake, this is our little girl! This is our little girl!" She told Martinez that she is glad that they have chosen this song to show how "spectacular" they are as a singer.

She said Shelton was a good father

  Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani
Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani | Kevin Winter / Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Shelton spends a lot of time with Stefani's three sons Kingston, Zuma and Apollo. Her father is her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, but it seems Shelton has become part of her family.

"He is actually a good father ," Stefani said today . show. "He helped me a lot, so I literally come to the point where I say," You have to go home, I need help. "It's hard, I have three boys."

Martinez seems to be in good hands, Stefani is their coach and fans will have to wait and see how far they will make it this season.

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