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Gwyneth Paltrow did not understand why she was named the most hated celebrity

Gwyneth Paltrow talks about her life, her divorce and her career.

The actress and Goop creator has gone through a lot in her 45 years, with some highs and lows. But the native of Los Angeles prevails and is not afraid to express her opinion when it comes to her work and her family life. One thing in her mind, during her New York Times interview released on Wednesday, was the fact that she wanted a third child. Paltrow is the mother of two children – 14-year-old daughter Apple and 12-year-old son Moses – who shares her with ex-husband Chris Martin but could imagine adding another little boy. [196592002] "All I'm saying is that it's nothing," she says. "I really wanted one more."

While Paltrow, who is now engaged to Brad Falchuk, wanted a third child, she ended up with Martin in 201

4 when she "caught up" in 2014, which meant a lot of backlash and negative comments into her world.

"I really said that we are in great pain, we have failed, we will try to do it in a different way," Paltrow explains the term "But I was so raw that I did not I think that was a case where it really hit me, that being lighthearted with language is different from someone else's. "

Another thing that really influenced them was tabloids, which they called the "most hated celebrity."

"I remember who I was," Really "more than Chris Brown?" "Really?" "Wow," she recalls. "It was the same week that I was the most beautiful woman For a minute I was like, "Wait, I do not understand. Am I hated to the bone or am I the most beautiful in the world? "

But Paltrow has tough skin, and that's what you have to do in the entertainment industry." There was a point where she decided to interrupt and pursue her acting career. "

" I really liked acting, " shares the Iron Man star. "But at some point it began to be frustrating to have no real ability to act, to trust other people, to give them a job or to create something, to bring something into the world

She also worked closely with Harvey Weinstein, calling her relationship "a classic abusive relationship."

"The one time Harvey offered me was really the least in terms of how arduous this relationship was was and it was very quid pro quo and punishment experiment, and I always felt like I was on thin ice, and he could really be terrible and mean and then incredibly generous, "she asserts. "It was kind of like a classic abusive relationship."

Nowadays, she's focusing on her family and Goop, with a few acting projects here and there – and she's not being criticized by people who criticize her. In fact, Paltrow uses negativity as a way to bring positivity into her life.

"That's all we do as women," she says. "We just quit [expletive] It's like the inner critic is so vicious It's so crazy," Why are we doing this? It's so crazy. "She continued," People say that there is no connection between emotion and consciousness and physical illness. And yet, look at the wealth of autoimmune diseases. One man to have 10 women We have literally put on ourselves.

For more about Paltrow, including what she's doing to help her, watch the video.


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