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Hackaday's tag theme was broken

Today around 10:00 am Pacific time, Hackady's site host had a failure. All websites on the WordPress VIP Go platform were down, including Hackaday. For about 45 minutes, you could not load any content, and after that, for just over two hours, we were only able to see a standard WordPress topic with an alarmingly bright background.

First we saw a broken home side to side with nothing on it. We changed a few things on the backend and had a black text on a white background displaying our latest articles. Not ideal, but at least you could catch up with your reading if you were just checking in.

But wait! Unintended consequences are a real burden. In our topic, no comments are included in the views of the homepage and the blog page, but in the WordPress Stock Market topics. Comments on these pages have been included in your RSS feeds. I want to apologize for that. Once it has been reported, we have disabled the comments on these pages and deleted what was there. However, if you have a caching RSS reader, they will still be displayed.

While I type, everything should be back to normal. The frontend was restored at around 1

:00 pm Pacific time. We have continued our normal release schedule throughout the period and hope you have laughed well about this debacle. However, it may take a few days for me to laugh about it.

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