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Hail Satan ?: The movie that will change your mind about Satanism movie

W With every manic message overwhelming the prevailing news, Americans were increasingly suffering from a sense of normalcy and access to a much-needed voice of reason, a dose of calm, rational rationalism endless absurdity.

Regardless of your religious belief system, you'll understandably be wary when you're told that both are in excess in Hail Satan, a sensational new documentary that delivers a surprising amount of images the paper seems sensational.

From the 1970s to the 1990s, the country was hit by the so-called Satanic Panic, a phenomenon that appeared more frequently in local news reports. According to Oprah, devils worshipers have built a huge underground network that covers everything from Daycare has infested up to dungeons and dragons. Their goal was to rape and murder children, and as panic became more mainstream, Satanism became a term for real-world evil that could easily be associated with a number of horrific crimes. There was a little problem: it was all a lie.

"As a filmmaker, you talk to different people about your film, and everyone I spoke to was absolutely sure that they knew what Satanism is and everyone I have. with whom we spoke was completely wrong ", hag Satan hag? Director Penny Lane said to the Guardian. Your movie does not mean that you have to accept or accept Satanism, but suggests that you at least understand it.

Her focus is on the Satanic Temple, a non-thematic group founded in 2013 and located in Salem, Massachusetts. Although Satanic images are used, this is not supported by a belief in Satan, a fact often overlooked by the Fox News indignation that accompanies some of their eye-catching stunts. One of its primary objectives is to remind the institutions and the general public that America is a secular country and that an obvious Christian prejudice is contrary, which results in any attempt to erect a statue of the Ten Commandments a similar mission to build a statue of the demon Baphomet. It is a battle that began in Little Rock, Arkansas, and one that is documented in the film is a perfect crystallization of what the temple seeks: equality.

Yes, it is a stunt and one that is outrageously provocative, shocking and, for some, furious, but like many other public actions that the temple performs, it primarily aims to challenge the idea of ​​a theocracy and how religious values ​​can harm legislation. The film continues to evolve, revealing a misunderstood network of outsiders who unite to drive a liberal agenda – a revelation that Lane was initially unprepared for.

"I did not know there were modern Satanists and when I found out there was quite a lot of revelations," she said.

Lane, whose documentary films covered everything from Watergate to impotence, was originally published by the Swedish producer Gabriel Sedgwick, who wanted to use the temple to comment on the American political system, said that when Salmon dismissed preconceived ideas about Satanism, she found that people around her were less open to the truth.

"It It's amazing to talk to people and say things like, 'I've been working on this project for years, I'm kind of an expert and I have the information you do not have & people say:' no "You're mistaken," she said. "When I say, 'Where do you get those ideas from?' They have no answer because the wrong perceptions go so far as to misrepresent them They can not even see their perceptions, they only believe them as a fact. "

These misconceptions also meant that the temple was not necessarily eager for an outsider to follow them. The drawbridge was high and a lot of persuasion was needed to let Lane in.

  Lucien Greaves in Hail Satan

Lucien Greaves in Hail Satan? Photo: Magnolia pictures

"It's hard to burn us because right from the start I knew exactly what people were looking for. That's why we've never really gone in search of the press just to explain our point of view or to redeem ourselves. Said Lucien Greaves, co-founder and spokesman of the temple. "There were a lot of dialogues with Penny before, and there were many things we would not do." [Greaves] Greaves wanted the temple's activities to be authentically displayed without reconstructions or compulsion, and he hopes the film will be a real one Portrait of that is what the temple does, even if it does not lead to an onslaught of converts.

"I can only really hope that what we do and what we stand for is authentically portrayed and I can not expect everyone to embrace who we are and what we do, and in fact we do much of that, What we do in direct opposition to the theocrats in the United States, and we do not seek and do not want their approval. I want it, "Greaves said. "But I would really like to be judged for who we are and what we stand for, not for a mythology created around us."

As an act of clarification, hail Satan? is more than effective. We see the impartiality of Greaves, who, aside from shock tactics, simply asks for equality, while his temple works hard on important church work across the country. In West Florida, there is a sock ride to help the local homeless ("It does not matter what the name is or where they come from as long as they do what they can," says a homeless woman). In Tucson, a campaign called "Menstruatin with Satan" collects menstrual products to distribute to local shelters. There is a blood donation in Seattle.

The temple has also campaigned for the defense of abortion rights and is fighting against those who have tried to incorporate religious beliefs into the structure of the law. The teachings of the temple are remarkably well-founded and rational, striving for "compassion and empathy" as well as "the freedoms of others".

"The Satanic Temple is a look at religion," said Lane. "If we start from scratch, what kind of religion do you want to have? Would you like to have a religion that prompts you to trust honestly ridiculous ideas or persecute others for their lack of understanding of your only true path, or do you want it to be rational thinking or empathy or compassion and pluralism? It seems to me that this is a much better moral reason to stand in a modern world.

Although Lane may not have become a member of the card, she found that she questioned her original prejudices, not only in terms of Satanism but in the religion as a whole.

"I did not intend to make a movie that would give me personal hope and inspiration," Lane said. "I've always been following the new atheistic line in religion, religion is stupid and religion is stupid and we should just get rid of it and the world would be better off if everyone just stupid religion and dropped me have my say completely changed. I just think we should think about what kinds of religions might exist in the future that better fit the reality we live in, because the institutions we have now are thousands of years old. I think religion is cool. I think we need better religions. "

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