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Halle Berry Victim of a man trying to steal her home

Halle Berry

Man tries to steal her home

22.06.2013 01:00 PDT


Halle Berry Damn near her home when she discovered the castles were changed and a stranger lived in the house Eugene Griffin first appeared in an LA estate in January which belonged to the actress and allegedly played with the castles, but picked up when he was approached by Halles gardener.

A few months later, in March … Policemen Received an unauthorized call from workers at Berry's Pad saying Griffin was there with a locksmith to invade, claiming he was the new owner of the house and would have the deed to prove it.

He already managed to swap one of the castles and actually make a call to the police when he was confronted by the staff of the house. Yes, he was daring enough to call the cops claiming possession, and point the finger at Halle's employees as intruders !!!

According to the law enforcement agencies … when the police arrived, Griffin was the owner of the house, but LAPD detectives quickly discovered that Griffin had fraudulently changed the title of the residence.

Halle told the detectives she had no idea who he was … and definitely did not give him permission to be at her home. [19659006] Griffin was later arrested and charged with a crime in which he obtained and offered a false guarantee certificate and an additional number of minor thefts. His bond amounts to 36,000 US dollars.

Oddly enough … we learned that the guy did not even know it was Halle's apartment. Only luck for her.

This is not the first time that Halle has had big problems with intruders. In 2011 she came home, went to the kitchen and told the police, "When I opened my glass door and closed it behind me, I suddenly felt someone behind me and turned to see the intruder less than a foot stood behind me, staring through my glass door in the kitchen. "The man was arrested.

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