The classic horror villain Michael Myers returns to Stalk Town Haddonfield, Illinois and old film Laurie Strode ("Jamie Lee Curtis") in "Halloween".

NEW YORK – Michael Meyers – or is it Jamie Lee Curtis? – can not be stopped. "Halloween" dominated the second weekend in North America and made an estimated $ 32 million in ticket sales.

The first four films remained unchanged, according to Hollywood estimates, when Hollywood "Halloween" left to dominate the pre-trick-or-treatment weekend. The sequel to John Carpenter's original from 1978 with 59-year-old Curtis as Laurie Strode made the biggest opening of all time last week for a movie starring a 55-year-old female character.

The new "Halloween" is already the largest film in the history of the franchise and one of the most successful slasher films of all time, with $ 126.7 million in ticket sales (plus another $ 45.6 million internationally ) on only $ 10 million budget. The final episode, directed by David Gordon Green, put in a relatively modest 58 percent – especially good for a horror release – after setting a record for an October debut last weekend.

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