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“Hamilton” Cast and Lin-Manuel Miranda celebrate Disney Plus Launch – Variety

“Hamilton” fans were delighted when Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical was finally released on Disney Plus on Friday and gave people the long vacation weekend to see the groundbreaking performance.

Originally released on Broadway in 2015, the hip hop musical through founding father Alexander Hamilton immediately became a hit. Most people had to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to get seats on the most sold out shows, but now anyone with a Disney Plus subscription can enjoy it from home.

Director Thomas Kail put the Disney Plus version together after shooting several live appearances during the show’s original run. Hamilton was originally scheduled to hit cinemas on October 15, 2021

, but Disney postponed its release date amid the coronavirus pandemic and film drought when the cinemas closed.

The creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted his thoughts live during a watch-along with fans on Twitter, and other actors and celebrities flocked to their love for “Hamilton” on Friday.

Miranda shared some inside secrets about the filmed version, such as the fireworks that appear above the Disney logo at the beginning of the film. He also revealed a “Macbeth” quote that was deleted from the final version and an improvised line that Daveed Diggs brought in in Act II as Thomas Jefferson.

Vanessa Nadal, Miranda’s wife, also participated in the live tweet and said she would always boo in the audience if her husband kissed someone else on stage.

She also revealed that Miranda was overjoyed after seeing Renée Elise Goldsberry audition, saying that “he had finally found a woman who told the story in rap instead of being eaten by rap”. Goldsberry, who plays Angelica Schuyler and demonstrates her quick rap skills in the song “Satisfied”, showed her appreciation for the friendly touch.

See what other actors and celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, Kerry Washington and Ben Schwartz had to say about the exciting premiere of “Hamilton”.

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